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Unid. Battle of Stalingrad Pt A of ?

Reel Number: 221604-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Kursk,Moscow,Stalingrad

TC Begins: 17:36:38

TC Ends: 17:47:26

Duration: 00:10:48

Unid. Battle of Stalingrad Pt A of ? Summer of 1942, CU Anti-Nazi posters featuring strangled Hitler; American ship w/ aid arrive in Russian port, ship unloaded, high angle stacks of boxes in outdoor storage. 17:37:04 Red Army officers at table look at map; Caucasus & oil derricks; Caucasus mountains, animated map w/ only highway thru mountains to Baku oil field. RR tank cars; map of German plans for Stalingrad invasion. 17:38:00 Stalingrad street scenes, animated map of German attack plans to cut off Russian armies. 17:38:45 CU Volga river, explosion; German invasion from Kursk to Crimea. Animated map of Nazis reaching Kerch & Sevastopol in Crimea; then over whole area to the south to Rostov, then capturing oil fields of Maikop. 17:39:40 German troops on road thru fields, shot of Caucasus. Civilians join the army, handed guns, new troops march thru the mountain field. 17:40:05 Animated map shows attack on Stalingrad, smoke over the city, CU German soldiers order firing, shooting, German bombers over city drop bombs, explosions. 17:40:44 20Sep42 Germans battle their way into Stalingrad’s outskirts; soldiers walk thru deserted streets, Nazi tank thru the city, take over railroad station. CU Newspaper headlines - “Russia Facing Her Greatest Crisis”, shots of battle in the city, shooting, explosions, intense battle thru the city (some staged?), high angle city ruins. 17:43:08 End of October, city ruins covered in snow. Stukas & bombers over; Russian artillery shooting, black smoke from plane, soldiers lay in the snow, battle of the streets continue. November, Russians slowly regain Nazi occupied side of Stalingrad, shooting, explosion, soldiers run thru snowy field. 17:45:00 CU Teletype machine, animated map shows movement of US & British troops landing in North Africa & in North East Red army pushing back Nazis. Newspaper headlines incl. “375,000 Nazis face trap”, map shows Red army regaining Schlusselburg, Velikiye Luki, Voronezh areas. 17:46:04 Fresh Russian troop reserves on their way to Stalingrad from Siberia, long lines of soldiers on horseback thru snowy mountain road, tanks on the road, ground force march thru fields, into the city ruins. 17:46:38 Commanders of free Russian armies at table look at maps, animated map w/ Russian troops surrounding Nazis, emotional meeting of Northern and Southern armies in snowy fields, men run towards each other and hug. WWII Eastern Front; Fighting; Note: May be R9 of Battle of Russia, or a version.

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