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WWII - 1941, German Newsreel: Estonia; Belarus; USSR; Operation Barbarossa - Winter Battle

Reel Number: 221231-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941,1940s

Country: Belarus,Estonia,Russia,USSR

Location: Minsk

TC Begins: 21:07:30

TC Ends: 21:22:04

Duration: 00:14:34

WWII - 1941, German Newsreel: Estonia; Belarus; USSR; Operation Barbarossa - Winter Battle Column of German trucks, motorcycles w/ sidecars thru village & down street past bombed buildings. Large Soviet building captured by Germans w/ statue of Lenin in front. Heavily damaged area of town & Russian civilians pick thru ruins of homes. Pan across rubbled town - salvaging possessions. Convoy of German military vehicles along muddy road thru village - VO trans. “This is how the Bolshevik worker’s paradise looks in reality...”. Soldier nails sign on fence. 21:08:43 Villagers buying food in wrecked store. Red Army banner - large mural on side of building calling soldiers to arms. 21:08:57 Heavy guns fired near Minsk, Soviet tank & troop carriers under fire; truck burning. Soviet PoWs, some wounded - CUs Oriental (?) prisoners from Eastern/Asian USSR. Female Russian soldier. PoWs marched in long column. 21:11:55 Tracking shots past wrecked Soviet equipment - tanks at roadside. German troops inspect huge Soviet tank. Airfield littered w/ abandoned Soviet fighter planes, some damaged. 21:13:33 Map of Eastern Front showing Lake Peipus on Estonian - Russian border. Bomber formation in flight. shots inside cabin of bomber; bombs drop - air to air shots, explosions. Russian fighter planes attack & fired on by machine gunner. ME 109 Messerschmitt & gun camera footage hitting Russian planes. INT cockpit, wounded German pilot bandaged. Cutaway gun camera stock shots Spitfires & Hurricanes (being shot down over Britain 1940) - VO says they are Soviet fighter planes. 21:16:14 Bombs dropped on Russian railroad troop transport & strafing. 21:16:38 Wrecked equipment & tanks on railway flat cars - Russian armored train - debris littered across tracks. 21:17:13 Map of Eastern Front. Troops on way to Lake Peipus - half-tracks tow artillery pieces across field. Tanks along road, up railroad tracks. Attack against Russian position; burning Russian tank in BG. CU German soldier firing machine gun from side of railroad tracks. 21:18:38 CU Wehrmacht photographer taking photo. 21:18:40 Howitzer fired. Battle scenes as village taken. Burning buildings. Street fighting - photographer runs across road w/ soldier. German troops fire from behind destroyed Soviet tank, bodies below. 21:20:23 East of Lake Peipus - tanks & trucks towards Leningrad thru burning town night - musical sequence of troops marching - convoy inc. troops on horseback & bicycle, tanks, horse-drawn carriages etc. The End. WW2 Eastern Front; Russia / USSR; Nazi Occupation; Germany Military Aviation; Fighting; Battles; Aircraft; Propaganda; 1940s; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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