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WWII - 1941, German Newsreel: Latvia & Lithuania Fighting w/ Synagogue; Operation Barbarossa

Reel Number: 221124-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Germany,Latvia,Lithuania,Russia,USSR

Location: Jonava,Libau / Liepaja,Riga,Schaulen

TC Begins: 19:34:43

TC Ends: 19:48:07

Duration: 00:13:24

WWII - 1941, German Newsreel: Latvia & Lithuania Fighting w/ Synagogue; Operation Barbarossa German troops in Riga, Latvia; burning buildings; tanks & troops in convoy. Firefighting. Cheering Latvian civilians line streets; Latvian flags; women give soldiers food 19:35:28 Pan over Stuka bombs laid out on airfield. Libau / Liepaja - war correspondent / journalist in plane w/ camera. Stukas take off. Aerial & air to air shots Stukas bombing Soviet positions & attacking tanks. 19:37:27 Map of Eastern Front marking Jonava in Lithuania. German tanks on way to Jonava; heavy artillery battle around the town. Jonava burning in distance; Germans advance against heavy Soviet fire. Devastated buildings. 19:40:38 Soviet soldier surrenders - searched. Prisoners of War / POWs marched at gunpoint. German troops past burning, wrecked Russian tanks & equipment. 19:41:38 Sign: Jonava; scenes of destruction in town. 19:41:45 Synagogue - EXT & INT shots. Jewish ghetto - men rounded up & taken prisoner. 19:42:19 Road to Schaulen / Siauliai, Lithuania - German troops on horseback & on foot. Troops gather & begin attack - battle scenes around Schaulen - black smoke over burning buildings. 19:43:52 German cavalry troops through Schaulen, given flowers by civilian women. German Front News distributed to troops. 19:44:30 Stalin poster ripped up. 19:44:44 German troops advance towards Libau. Ammunition depot under fire from heavy artillery 19:45:30 Street fighting in Libau - good shots. 19:46:14 Loudspeaker set up - Russian soldiers told to surrender. Libau in flames. 19:46:49 War correspondents at work - cinematographer / photographer w/ 35mm Arriflex cine camera. German troops past burning buildings. Montage troops marching, tanks advancing etc. w/ patriotic song. End. WW2 Russia / USSR; Operation Barbarossa; Nazi Occupation; Military Aviation; Destruction; Damage; NOTE: Part or entire card sold at per reel rate. NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility. NOTE: Battle of Libau, ca 24-29Jun41.

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