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WWII - 1942, Germany: Newsreel re Eastern Front; Finland; Kharkov, Ukraine Fighting Pt 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221134-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942,1940s

Country: Finland,Germany,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Charkow,kharkov,Ukraine

TC Begins: 14:11:14

TC Ends: 14:24:18

Duration: 00:13:04

WWII - 1942, Germany: Newsreel re Eastern Front; Finland; Kharkov, Ukraine Fighting Pt 1 of 2 Map of Eastern Front. Hitler leaves HQ of Marshall Bock, Supreme Commander of Battle of Charkow / Kharkov. Hitler thru crowd of excited saluting nurses & into open car, troops watch, drives off thru cheering crowd & along gravel road. Shakes hand w/ General von Bock & Gen. Loehr, Air Force Commander. 14:12:50 Hitler into Focke-Wulf FW-200 Kurier transport plane on way to Finland to congratulate Freiher Mannerheim on 75th birthday. Views from plane; interior shots. CU Hitler talks to Gen. Keitel. Head of German press Dr. Dietrich with Finnish General Talvilar. Over shoulder view of book w/ picture of Mannerheim in uniform. FW-200 lands, Hitler welcomed by President Ryti. Reviews troops. 14:14:53 Hitler shakes hands w/ General Dietl, German Commander of Lapland forces. 14:15:04 Hitler & party walking along railroad cars (Hitler train Amerika ?) to meet Marshall Mannerheim & party. Various handshaking & saluting w/ Finns looking stern, Nazi party led into train car. CU document saying that Mannerheim has been decorated with “Grosskreuz”. Hitler meets other senior German & Finnish military officials in Finland then back into plane. MS of Finland flag flying on pole. Narration re visit as proof of German-Finnish unity against Bolshevism. 14:17:20 Battle map of Eastern Front - re Battle of Kharkov, Ukraine. Arrows indicate planned Russian advance. German troops in forest. Advancing Soviet troops on horizon. Camouflaged German tanks firing, CUs, soldiers firing machine guns; mortars fired alongside village barn. LS of explosions & heavy smoke. Heavy artillery fired. Pan over burning & destroyed Russian village; dead animals; abandoned tanks. 14:19:37 Map Battle of Kharkov white arrows Germans, dark ones Russians. POV on train with troops, artillery & motorcycle visible. 14:20:16 Italian troops arrive, out of railroad boxcars & onto station platform. German soldiers march past camera, CU feet. Back-up soldiers towards German front. Horse pulling wagon, others on cars & artillery rolled up in field & firing. Troops advance on ground. Shadow of German twin-engine plane in flight across ground, seen from air. CU bombs dropping out of bomb-bay doors. 14:21:35 Very good top view bombs dropping - not too brief - good air to air shot from side of bombs dropping & second plane - good shot carpet bombing of valley. 14:21:58 Animated maps summarising battle 16-22May42. POV looking back at tanks in convoy along road toward camera, then alongside as they pass, led by motorcycles. Soldiers riding past grazing thin horses. Infantry follows, thru village past & away from camera. GOOD. Ukraine / USSR; Scandinavia; Axis Powers; Operation Barbarossa; WW2; NOTE: Partial or entire card sold at per reel rate. NOTE: In our experience German Nazi era material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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