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WWII - 1943 , German Newsreel: Tank Battles; Captured GIs; Goebbels Speech in Tank Factory.

Reel Number: 250106-17

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,1944,1940s

Country: Germany,USA,USSR


TC Begins: 19:01:30

TC Ends: 19:10:10

Duration: 00:08:40

WWII - 1943 , German Newsreel: Tank Battles; Captured GIs; Goebbels Speech in Tank Factory19:01:30 Tanks along road, thru forest; troops march past on road; Panzer tanks past camera - camouflaged . 19:02:01 Tanks firing on Eastern Front, explosion & building on fire. CU German soldiers w/ MP40 in prone position. Tank on fire. CU German on ground beside machine gun. Tank battle - Germans fire & hit T34. 19:02:35 Infantrymen with Mauser Kar 98s in woods. MCU of same infantryman in FG w/ 98K GOOD. 19:02:38 Tank racing on road, German soldiers watching; tank hit. Dead Soviet tanks w/ German soldiers picking over them. 19:03:20 LS grain field & smoke of Allied bombing raid on Germany; Stukas overhead, dive bombing. Huge building explodes from bombs . 19:04:00 Map showing Aachen, Arnheim, Calais, Nancy etc. planes shot down by German anti aircraft fire - large explosion as plane hits the ground. 19:04:07 Camouflaged German tank down a road, one troop carries Kar 98K rifle. Flak Panzer IV w 3.7” gun past camera - troops marching alongside L to R w/ MP40s slung over shoulders. Panzers on maneuvers against American troops; soldiers move under trees, senior officers talking. Tanks into field followed by infantry. Soldiers firing machine guns in field. Tank in woods burning. 19:05:05 Disabled American half-tracks; jeep w/ soldier alongside. American POWs being lead away - some injured. 19:05:27 Germans firing a mortar - explosion in the distance 19:05:38 Empty bridge w/ burning in BG. German soldiers walking across, storefront; Germans thru rubble, running past burning building carrying Kar 98Ks. German tanks move up. Large explosion in building. 19:06:18 01:04:56 Frankfurt - Generalfeldmarschall Model & other Nazi officers welcomes Goebbels Minister of Propaganda; say goodbyes. 19:06:57 CU sign: Front und Heimat... - Unerschgutgterlich Kampfentschlossen Siegesgewiss! - Mit dem Fuehrer zum Sieg! 19:07:04 01:05:39 Inside Germany tank factory - lots of civilians cheering & saluting. 19:07:10 01:05:53 SOF Goebbels speaks to troops & civilians at filled Rhineland tank factory, audience listening, applauding, singing. 19:09:30 01:08:06 "King Tiger" type tank displayed for dignitaries.- tanks lined up & moving in formation, from several angles. WW2; Propaganda; German Homefront; Fighting; Prisoners of War; Weapons; NOTE: In our experience German Nazi era material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility. NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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