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WWII - 1943 ca, Russian Front: Winter Fighting

Reel Number: 221170-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s,1943

Country: Germany,USSR


TC Begins: 16:14:39

TC Ends: 16:30:44

Duration: 00:16:05

WWII - 1943 ca, Russian Front: Winter Fighting Snow in forest, troops in camouflage advance white cross-country on skis. Report to German officer, others out of underground bunker. Infantry advancing on foot. Camouflaged ski troops. 16:19:18 Soldiers firing rifles & machine guns from snow embankment. Removing wounded on stretchers. Climbing trees for lookouts. 16:20:21 Telephone report & German troops thru trenches, man guns & firing. GOOD CU. Spotter w/ binoculars pointing, moving up small artillery; troops called from encampment, run to positions. 16:23:53 Spotter in tree top. Artillery firing, tanks through small trees, knocking down. Heavier guns firing. 16:24:35 Large explosion, tank firing flames. Large artillery explosions. 16:28:02 Infantry in white running from woodpiles, thru fence and across field w/ rifles & grenades. Dead body in snow, burning buildings, prisoners surrendering beside snowy road. Billowing smoke from burning building. Destroyed stone & brick buildings, horses pulling artillery. Troops thru snow trenches; w/ periscope binoculars in trench. Snowscape & light airplane circling. Blowing snow. 1940s; WW2 Russian Front; Eastern Front; Winter Fighting; Flame Thrower; USSR (?); German Military Training Films; NOTE: Entire sold at per reel rate. NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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