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WWII - 1943, Germany: Newsreel - Military Christmas; Russian Front Mud & Fighting; Submarine R2 of 2

Reel Number: 250093-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,

Country: Ukraine,USSR

Location: indian ocean,Ukraine,Zhitomir,Zhytomyr

TC Begins: 16:57:58

TC Ends: 17:07:40

Duration: 00:09:42

WWII - 1943, Germany: Newsreel - Military Christmas; Russian Front Mud & Fighting; Submarine R2 of 2 Pan toy boats w/ swastikas on front & rear. 16:58:04 German soldier overlooking harbor w/ palm trees below; troops carry palm fronds to quonset huts; interior soldiers prepare Christmas decorations & light candles mounted on frond. 16:58:17 German sentry overlooking Atlantic; troops carry Christmas trees. 16:58:31 Map of eastern front w/ Dnieper River. 16:58:37 Parked FW-190 fighter plane on grass field; German air force captain / pilot shaking hands w/ others after downing 100th Russian plane. CUs w/ plaque. Walking w/ others & laughing. 16:59:03 German soldiers in railyard w/ Hummel & Wespe SPGs / tanks on freight cars moving behind. Tanks moving thru muddy village. Empty Jerry cans filled from railroad tank car; loaded into trucks & tanks & trucks leaving in column. Soldiers in winter coats eating honey from honeycomb. 16:59:36 Soldiers pushing trucks thru deep mud w/ dead horse in foreground; 8t half-track pulling 8.8cm Flak cannon / artillery in mud. Troops looking out of mud slit trench. W/ binoculars in front of anti-aircraft guns, good tracers from quadruple 2cm Flak firing at plane & plane crashes, burns. Firing across river. 17:01:03 Tiger I tanks moving up w/ Wespe self-propelled guns following thru village (Zhytomyr / Zhitomir, Ukraine); German troops across field; Panzer 3 stationary. Following tanks on road. Self-propelled Marder & Hummel guns firing. Nazi troops firing cannons, nebelwerfer rockets, explosions. 17:02:02 German soldiers in muddy crater, dead USSR soldier, destroyed Russian T34 tanks. German tanks / StugIII w/ side armor moving up. 17:02:14 Soldiers around destroyed / collapsed bridge; cross stream on planks & move w/ armored column into Zhitomir, past burning buildings. CU smoking truck wreckage, burning building. Large open car, half-track past wreckage of Russian town. MCU tired German soldiers walking past, one carrying MG34. Infantry given bread from Sd Kfz 250 APC half-track. 17:03:31 Montage: German U-Boat / submarine victory pennants / signal flags & signalman w/ flags; small naval vessels / minesweepers. CU sailors on sub conning tower. German motion picture cameraman w/ 35mm Arriflex on monopod filming. Bow of Type IX long-range U-Boat U-177 commanded by Robert Gysae thru waves; men on bridge; porpoises diving in group. Sailor working on deck doing maintenance work in water w/ safety harness. Gun crew beside 10.5cm deck gun w/ water breaking around them. Men on bridge w/ binoculars. Beneath deck w/ captain to bridge, into sub & diving. CUs, raising periscope & sinks merchant Liberty vessel in Indian Ocean off Madagascar. 17:06:22 Sub above water, crew watching firing on ship, explosions & sinking. Cameraman. 17:07:21 Pan floating crates on ocean surface. The End. WW2; Dec43; Fighting; Military Battles; Nazis; NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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