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WWII - 1943, USSR: Documentary, Ukraine in Flames (final reel)

Reel Number: 221545-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Ukraine,USSR

Location: Kharkiv / Kharkov

TC Begins: 09:29:48

TC Ends: 09:39:10

Duration: 00:09:22

WWII - 1943, USSR / Ukraine Ca Aug43. View of empty city; destroyed buildings. Bodies on street; warehouse destroyed; railroad. Young woman w/ naked baby climbs out of shelter & helped, w/ others by Russian soldiers. 09:30:54 Kharkov University. Men gathering burned books, papers. Int. professor’s looted house; students looking at picture. Professor speaks (voice over translation into English) describes 22 months spent as Nazi prisoner. Russian wounded POW left in hospital by Germans describes hospital set on fire. USSR officers inspect. 09:32:49 LS of large open pit filled w/ bodies shot & left by Nazis. MS. 09:33:06 POV past trucks & jeeps of Soviet troops into city; tanks; artillery. People wave. Soldiers marching. Officers waving; people kiss soldier; kids greet give bouquets. People read posted notices, newspapers. 09:34:06 Marshall Zhukov & Khrushchev, Chairman of Ukraine Central Committee, receiving flowers. K. in uniform picks up young girl on reviewing platform. 09:34:28 Moscow w/ fireworks. People waving in spotlight, artillery firing. 09:34:46 Gen. Rokossovskiy w/ medals. Soldiers march past townspeople after capturing Glukhov, Ukraine, old capitol. People give bread & salt to soldiers. Partisans & volunteer army. 09:35:20 CU sign Konotop. Soldiers on motorcycles & sidecars alongside railroad, past heavy smoke. Fighting in ruins of buildings, moving forward. Many bodies; many cemeteries, many crosses. Troops march past sign Stalinov. 09:36:18 Generals Tolbukhin & Gordov watch w/ binoculars. Pan over grave markers. 09:36:32 Soldiers run thru burning refinery or still mill w/ collapsed pipes & towers. Peasant women w/ children run past burned out village houses. 09:36:46 Aerial over destroyed city w/ smoke. Soldier throwing crowd newspapers; hold children. Hugs, kisses. 09:37:17 LS over burning town at foot of hills. MS. 09:37:25 Pile of German helmets & Swastika on marker. Soldiers thru town. Burning village; cooking in oven of standing chimney. Soldier consoles old woman. Fires. Advancing troops, tanks, cavalry. Troops arrive at Dnieper. “The Ukraine will never die...” Various scenes, monuments. Statue of Stalin. The End. Classical Documentary; WW2 Horrors of War; NOTE: Partial or entire reel sold at per reel rate.

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