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WWII - 1943, USSR: Footage Related To Training & Battles of Stalingrad & Kursk R17 of 18

Reel Number: 200567-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1943,1940s

Country: Russia,USSR


TC Begins: 11:09:39

TC Ends: 11:20:55

Duration: 00:11:16

WWII - 1943, USSR: Footage Related To Training & Battles of Stalingrad & Kursk Russian Newsreel intertitle. 11:09:41 Sd. Russian. Young Russian troops sitting on small hillside w/ barren trees, instructed by older soldier; MCU & CUs assembling automatic weapons. 11:10:21 Firing, CUs, targets & checking targets. 11:10:44 Intertitle: 11:10:48 Tank crew running thru woods, removing tarps & camouflage on tanks, get in, close hatch & down steep hillside; CU of tracks churning dirt. Tank firing while underway. 11:11:52 MOS Russian women training. Soldier demonstrating mortar to women soldiers; lecturing at board outdoors, women taking notes. CUs. Lecturing about small machine gun. Women disassemble gun. 11:12:31 Women soldiers in military uniforms, bayonet practice. Drilling along road in woods. Bayonet practice on poles, instructor deflecting. 11:13:36 Rifle target practice. Marching to tables in woods & instructed on assembling & dissassembling small machine gun & rifles. Woman officer showing mortar on bipod. 11:14:54 Firing tommy guns. Shoveling foxholes while laying on ground. Throwing live grenades; firing pistols. Camp tents. Men firing machine guns in training. Running from trenches thru smoke. Practice taking prisoners. 11:18:20 Sd. Russian. Soldiers in field & trenches. 11:18:29 MOS Drilling new recruits in overcoats along sandy lane, exchange salutes. CUs of weathered faces, wearing fur caps. 11:19:36 LS Large number in uniform marching w/ rifles & bayonets in review; marching along road in units w/ rifles & bayonets, snow alongside. Some marching w/ machine guns, rucksacks. WW2; Operation Citadel; Kursk Campaign; Operation Kutuzov; Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev; Soviet Stock Footage; NOTE: Eastern Front battle related with unknown mixed dates.

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