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WWII - 1944, Actualidades Mundials No. 224 Comentadas En Portugues

Reel Number: 250114-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: France,Germany

Location: Brittany,Eastern Front,Normandy

TC Begins: 10:33:55

TC Ends: 10:44:51

Duration: 00:10:56

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk WWII - 1944, German Tanks & Mechanized Units w/ Young Soldiers, Spring-Summer Portuguese language titles re not demonstrating during showing of films. English narration explaining film circumstances over Portuguese language newsreel release. 10:34:43 German women doing paperwork, CUs checking papers for mobilization / drafting women workers for labor in factories & as trolley conductors, policemen, mechanics, military drivers & fire fighters. Men training women. 10:36:45 Map of Normandy & Brittany, France. German camouflaged tanks, half-tracks w/ soldiers along road. Pulling camouflaged truck w/ rope. Anti-aircraft guns firing from camouflaged position, field. Explosions. Burning US plane or tank. German troops look at map. Heavy tanks past on country road. Artillery firing, infantry troops along road, take cover, explosions. Artillery fired; US tanks in flames. English narrator says “mostly German.” Captured Allied prisoners; wounded on litter on road treated. US POWs carrying litter. 10:39:06 German troops on vehicles, POV along road. Firing large artillery, explosions & smoke. 10:40:01 Tanks given signal & move up; two German divisions unite w/ armored SS units near a lake on the Eastern front. Tank battle; POV from tank. 10:41:44 Large camouflaged tank across field, soldiers point out shell hits on tank. Watch German planes overhead, aerial shots of Stuka; POV strafing, explosions. 10:42:33 Large number of troops lined up in large courtyard or ?? Many young soldiers / child soldiers. CU. Marching thru town, kids alongside. Military vehicles past; loading bicycles & motorcycles on trains & camouflaging artillery. Steam train leaving,people waving; cars of military equipment. Equipment past on dusty roads. Lines of tanks parked, men run to tanks & pose. Tanks move ahead in line. WW2 youth; German Propaganda Newsreel; USA Propaganda; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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