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WWII - 1944, German Newsreel: Anti-Jewish-American; France; Eastern Front; Italy; Salvage

Reel Number: 220966-16

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: France,Germany,Italy,USA

Location: Eastern Front,Lower East Side,New York City,NYC,Rome,Rouen

TC Begins: 02:14:31

TC Ends: 02:23:18

Duration: 00:08:47

WWII - 1944, German Newsreel: Anti-Jewish-American; France; Eastern Front; Italy; Salvage Very polemic Anti-Jewish and Anti-American propaganda. Jewish street scenes selling & vendors. Black beside Central park shining shoes & dancing. Lower East Side (L.E.S.) w/ Yiddish sign, garment factory, vendors, interior of stock exchange w/ CU traders trading. CU counting money. LaGuardia & ??, businessmen, LaGuardia shots. 02:15:46 Cathedral of Rouen burning after British bombing. German & French fire brigade. Minister Albert Speer speaks to workers in bombed ammunition factory & gives Edmund Geilenberg & Arthur Fitz Ritterkreuz / Iron Cross medals / decorations. 02:17:10 Eastern Front: General Lieutenant Reimann gives Ritterkreuz / Iron Cross to anti-aircraft crew. 02:18:02 German Troops felling trees on Russian front & with sawmill build prefabricated defense shelters which they roll into place with horses, then half-bury adding chimney. GOOD - (inventions) 02:19:29 Map of Italy w/ routes south from Rome. 02:19:35 View from top of mountains over Battle of Rome. Paratroopers before attack. Smoke & explosions. Artillery firing, troops run forward. CU map. CU two bombs with inscriptions “Herzlichen Glueckwunsch” (Congratulations) and “Musik am Nachmittag” (Music in the Afternoon). Artillery soldiers load & fire cannons. Good battle scenes. 02:21:23 British plane wreckage into German furnace for salvage & recycling of metal; pour molten aluminium & ingots. Major Galland & Lieutenant Streib w/ constructing engineer Professor Tank looking at maps. Fighters over. Pilots & officers in conference. WW2 Propaganda; Anti-Semitism; 1940s; NOTE: In our experience German Nazi material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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