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Berlin - Test For Freedom Part 1

Reel Number: 220754-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1920s-1948

Country: Germany

Location: Berlin

TC Begins: 17:27:54

TC Ends: 17:36:21

Duration: 00:08:27

East German guards - Brandenburg gate - American soldiers in car with binoculars. American on passenger plane traveling to Berlin. Passengers off Pan American plane at Tempelhof airport - customs. Brandenburg Gate - tourist - warning signs - communist troops on top of Brandenburg Gate. 17:29:57 F/back Brandenburg gate ca. 1920s - cameraman gets into horse drawn carriage - fast motion tracking shots - Unter den Linden and Friedrich Str. Street scenes - tourist bus with American flag. Pedestrians. Exterior University. Good street scenes with buses and trams - crowds in park. 17:31:02 Brief montage shots Nazis, WWII. Hitler making speech at interior meeting. 17:31:46 Fall of Berlin (poor quality) Berlin in ruins. German civilians leaving shelters when fighting stopped. Bomb damaged buildings - Chancellery interiors. 17:32:44 Potsdam conference - animated map re carving up of Germany and Berlin into occupation zones. Signatures on agreement. 17:34:23 Meeting of Allied powers. Allied flags flying. Four power conferences. 17:34:47 Clearing up operations in Berlin - women cleaning bricks. Crowded passenger train, people hanging off. 17:35:07 Nursery - children play on bomb site - kids get milk. 17:35:25 March 1948 - Russians quit control authority, shots soldier taking down Russian flag. Men counting new currency. Soviet blockade - trains loaded with coal but unable to move. Road barriers to stop transport of supplies by lorries / trucks. 17:35:47 Berlin airlift - cargo planes landing and unloaded. Life in Berlin during blockade - underground station closed. Girl in printing office riding bicycle to generate electrical power. Vegetables planted. Post-WWII; Post-WW2; Cold War;

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