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Goebbels Visits the Front late in war / Fall of Berlin

Reel Number: 221038-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944,1945

Country: Germany

Location: Berlin Nuremberg

TC Begins: 05:08:35

TC Ends: 05:12:25

Duration: 00:03:50

Goebbels Visits the Front late in war. Goebbels and other officers at the front. Snowy conditions. Watch camouflaged tank firing. 05:08:54 Goebbels with troops commander Schoerner, with 16 year old Hitler Youth boy Wilhelm Huebner decorated with Iron Cross. 05:09:15 Int. Goebbels makes speech re Eastern Front, “no mercy for the enemy” Woman puts out sign in rubble - Our walls may be broken but not in our hearts. 05:10:07 Hitler at planning meeting with high ranking officers, sits at table. 05:10:32 Fall of Berlin shots very poor quality, better available. 05:10:58 Hitler with Hitler youth (last appearance). Axmann also present. 05:11:22 Old woman walks in the smoking ruins of Berlin. 05:11:32 Interior Reischancellery. Bunker exteriors with petrol cans and uniforms. Russians celebrate from balcony. One man plays Hitler. Nazi eagle taken from wall, burning Nazi symbols. Young boys throw flags etc onto bonfire. 05:12:17 Blowing up Nazi symbol at Nuremberg.

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