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25 Years Ago Today (Hitler; Anti-Fascist Protest; Mussolini; Depression; CCC; Jigsaw Puzzles)

Reel Number: 221417-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1933,1958

Country: Germany,Italy,USA

Location: New York,Rome

TC Begins: 08:03:20

TC Ends: 08:05:38

Duration: 00:02:18

25 Years Ago Today (Hitler; Anti-Fascist Protest; Mussolini; Depression; CCC; Jigsaw Puzzles) MS Hitler saluting from rear of open car as Nazi troops march past. LS of crowded city street w/ troops marching awy from camera w/ flags, people saluting from balconies & alongside street. CU Hitler w/ hair over forehead gesturing w/ clenched fist while speaking at podium. Mass crowd of youth saluting in stadium. Stereotypical of Hitler as madman. 08:03:54 Jewish anti-fascist demonstration & march in New York City on Lower Fifth Avenue towards Washington Square arch from overhead. 08:04:11 Mussolini & fascists saluting w/ raised knives. CUs. Black Shirts; Mussolini gives kiss on cheeks. 08:04:29 Depression in USA & men going to work in CCC camp aka Civilian Conservation Corps. Cutting trees, brush; eating in MCU. 08:04:49 Marathon dance & walkathon in Chicago. Couples drooping across floor. 08:05:02 Housewife smoking pipe w/ Black maid on sidewalk pushing baby carriage. Four women sitting smoking at golf club. Woman sweeping steps & smoking pipe. Secretary in office at typewriter smoking in CU. 08:05:18 Boys on porch steps doing jigsaw puzzles; CUs. Baby in buggy, sidewalk cleaner & man & woman on sidewalk w/ trays around necks all doing jigsaw puzzles while crossing street. Bump into other pedestrians & spill pieces. Gags; Oddities; Fads; 1930s Americana; Dictators;1933; CCC;

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