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Sicily - The British 8th Army Sweeps up East Coast

Reel Number: 220591-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Italy

Location: Sicily

TC Begins: 18:10:48

TC Ends: 18:15:00

Duration: 00:04:12

Sicily - The British 8th Army Sweeps up East Coast. Off coast of Sicily Allied fleet comes under enemy air attack. Explosions as ships are bombed. 18.11.20 British 8th Army marching with full packs inland. Troops including Scottish walking along road. White flags of surrender flying in Russolini ? Italian officer - British troops drinking wine from pitchers. British troops continue North. Avola , Union Jack raised after being taken over. British army tanks and military equipment down streets of Avola. 8th Army soldiers sharing chocolate with women and children. US airborne troops on horse and cart enter Avola. British troops hand out food from captured German food stores to locals. 18.12.46 General Montgomery waving from open top car. Syracuse (Siracusa) Prisoners rounded up - locals on streets. Long file of Italian POWs - wrecked enemy military equipment and tanks includes tank with Renault badge. Scottish soldiers walk past wrecked tanks - dead soldiers. 18.13.57 Francofonte - crowds cheering as British through streets - nice close up soldier in tank. Crowds - one man still has shaving cream on face. Military trucks through countryside. 18.14.30 Long line Italian prisoners of War walking behind British army truck. Prisoners on barges destined for Africa. 18.14.40 German prisoners of War arriving in England - disembarking from transport ship. Details of German uniforms showing they were members of the Goering Division.

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