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War Department Report R1 of 4

Reel Number: 221208-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,1944,1945

Country: Germany,Italy,Japan


TC Begins: 00:39:19

TC Ends: 00:50:40

Duration: 00:11:21

War Department Report R1 of 4 Intertitles, film’s title. Narrated by Walter Huston 00:40:23 12Sep43 Isolated mountain area in Italy, German paratroopers free Mussolini, soldiers run across the fields, CU ext. jail building, where Gestapo men succeeded in their break in to release smiling Mussolini w/ German soldiers, Mussolini escorted to aircraft, smiling soldiers wave him off, LS plane in the air taking Mussolini to Hitler's headquarters. 00:41:55 Plane land, Mussolini exits & greeted by Hitler & Mussolini’s son Vittorio. Hitler & Mussolini into car. CU car w/ fascist sign attached to front, car drives off, soldiers run up to it & open the door. Hitler & Mussolini greeted by Foreign Minister Ribbentrop. Hitler & Mussolini walk in & out of the conference building as it was the briefest access conference on record. Officials drive back to the airfield, Mussolini shakes hands w/ Hitler & others and boards plane. 00:43:31 Big animated explosions, Hitler on the podium w/ Japanese ??, huge people crowds cheering, guarded by police. Quick shots of battlefields & soldiers in Japan, Korea, China. 00:44:00 07Dec41 Japanese ships including aircraft carriers. Japanese navy pilots briefed, run to their air crafts, planes take off on runway that goes into the sea, various shots of the planes in the air, drop bombs, black smoke, headlines - “US Pacific Fleet Annihilated”. 00:45:28 Animated image of the globe showing Japan’s Empire extending; shots of battle in Far East, animated globe showing resources available in The New Territories. 00:46:09 Japan, people carry boxes of food supplies, people picking rice, high angle fields, people working, harvesting supervised by men w/ guns. Brief street scene, people crossing road. Army soldiers march, people work in weapon production factory, women work in the factory, people crossing border(?), guard checks IDs, men workers - move stones, int., weapons production, various shots off factory, heavy industry, welding, burning aircraft on ground, new aircraft maneuvering in the air. 00:47:35 Animated globe shoving expansion of Japans military strength & its military bases. Shots of corpses, soldier look at the dead bodies, burning body of German(?) soldier, heaps of the dead, soldiers give up & come out of shelters, big lines of war prisoners thru wintery field, shots of German soldiers fighting, explosions, shooting, tanks, planes dropping bombs, various shots of the troops. 00:49:39 Animated drawing of German divisions & their weapons, weapons factory, war prisoners on their way to work, high angle men work on the field, slave labor. WW2 Propaganda; Axis; Early WWII History; 1940s;

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