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War Department Report R4 of 4

Reel Number: 221208-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,1944,1945

Country: Italy,Japan,USA

Location: Sicily

TC Begins: 01:13:11

TC Ends: 01:25:11

Duration: 00:12:00

War Department Report R4 of 4 Plane over Himalaya mountains to China; people unload aircraft, men put on spare parts on planes; plane takes off. 01:13:41 Animated map showing Siberian bases for bombing Japan. Shooting, explosions, shot of Hitler and other Generals talking in railroad car. Fighting. Map of Asia. Map of Europe & animation of air power. 01:15:19 Big supply storage depot. Airbase construction, war planes in air, high angle air base, shots of various type ships, LSTs, DUKWs, tanks, machinery, tanks loaded off ship, ships on the water. Amphibious invasion w/ landing caft dropping door seen from shore & troops run off (GOOD). Planes giving protection & attacking; dig foxholes & jump in when planes pass over. Engineers remove land mines. Heavy equipment, lay mats over sand, heavy equipment driven off ship over temporary floating docks. Jeeps, trucks, equipment, soldiers unload boxes of ammunition. Sinking boats all along beach. Big explosion, plane shot down, various shots of fighting. Munitions ship Robert Rowan exploding off Sicily. Burned landing ship off Guadalcanal w/ destroyed equipment on the ship, dead soldiers carried off the ship 01:20:20 US Under-Secretary of War Paterson speaks (SOF), “...glad that this report has been made as it tells what it will take...” Tells about attack on Sicily, animated map of preparations for the attack, shots of the soldiers carrying injured. Map of European strength; Asia; shots of Americans captured by Japanese, captured American soldiers in Philippines. 01:23:05 Huge explosion, Pearl Harbor, smoke from the sinking ship, Japanese soldiers shoot captured civilians in back, shots of hanged people by Nazis in Russia, soldier escorts little girl covered in blood. 01:23:28 Blowing up of the Naples post office, big smoke, corpses on the ground in the rubble, CU dead baby, stranded people in rubble of collapsed building, injured carried away by soldiers. 01:24:01 Moscow, international conference w/ foreign ministers Molotov, Hull and Eden, sign declarations to bring war criminals to trial. Montage of shots of the Allied army soldiers in battle, shooting, paratroops jump out of the plane, tank through the jungle, fighting in the city, tanks destroy buildings, boots walk over fascist sign. 01:24:42 Montage of war workers: welding, riveting, Soldiers in battle field shoot machine gun. The End. WWII Quartermasters; Supplies; Resupplying Asia; Fighting; Battles; Propaganda; 1940s; WW2;

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