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WWII - 1941 ca. Rome University; Genoa Factory; Italian Cavalry; Odessa & Italian Troops

Reel Number: 220976-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941,1940s

Country: Greece,Italy,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Athens,genoa,Odessa,Rome,Ukraine

TC Begins: 13:00:00

TC Ends: 13:11:12

Duration: 00:11:12

WWII - 1941 ca. Rome University; Genoa Factory; Italian Cavalry; Odessa & Italian Troops LS military line streets outside official building, title: ‘Cronaca di Roma’; open-top limo pulls up at University City, Dr. Walter Funk, Reichsminister for Economics, w/ Minister Riccardi greeted by Minister Bottai, German ambassador Mackensen and Rector ? Party reviews lines of troops and women in black dresses. 13:00:56 VS INT university hall, Dr. Funk awarded honorary degree in economic science; audience applauds; Nazi and Italian flags hanging. VIPs leave main building, Nazi flag on EXT; descend steps. 13:01:57 Workers and military outside factory in Genoa w/ inscription ‘...del Fascismo e L’Eroismo‘. Workers of auxiliary Stoppani di Cogoloto given military awards for valor during British bombardment of 14Jun4? Soldiers, sailors and children in uniform in crowd. 13:02:30 MCU Italians on horseback pass camera in opening of regimental horse races of Lancieri Aosta, Athens; VS show-jumping / obstacle display, watched by diplomats and military inc. General Geloso, Italian Minister to Athens; soldier w/ loudspeaker; soldiers and families cheer. Winner on horse w/ trophy. 13:03:37 VS last hours of Odessa; Romanian infantry advance; Russian troops surrender w/ hands in air. Destroyed Bolshevik weaponry. VS shells, troops in heavy artillery positions w/ binoculars; Odessa under fire in distance; pan wrecked warship in harbor; shelling continues; pan city across harbor, heavy smoke above. Aerials of Odessa and harbor from Italian fliers over city. 13:06:18 Italian troops on horseback, bicycles and motorcycles move through Russian countryside towards Donetz Basin; road signs in German? inc. ‘West’. Motorized unit crosses river, soldiers film w/ 16mm cameras; Bersaglieri w/ black feathered helmets push bicycles across bridge towards East, prisoners pass in opposite direction. Ukrainian peasants on mules. Troops w/ stretchers cross river. 13:08:57 General von Kleist, Commander of Panzer Army talks w/ Gen. Messe, Commander of Expeditionary Force. Troops repair telephone wires in village. 13:09:45 VS convoy of vehicles and troops moves through snow; cameraman by roadside; troops in bad weather gear. 13:10:10 Infantry scramble up sand bank w/ explosions. Column of captured? soldiers head West, smiling. WW2 Italian Newsreel; Battle; Russian Front; Italy; Fighting; Military Cameraman; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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