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WWII - 1943, Italy: King Victor Emmanuel III; Bombing of Rome. ca 25Jul43

Reel Number: 221212-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Italy

Location: Rome

TC Begins: 08:53:27

TC Ends: 08:59:59

Duration: 00:06:32

WWII - 1943, Italy: King Victor Emmanuel III; Bombing of Rome. ca 25Jul43 Flags from buildings, card w/ picture of King Victor Emmanuel. 08:53:48 Bus w/ picture of King on front past, buildings w/ people in street, men removing or chipping marble ? off building as people watch. People celebrating in street, applauding; riding on top of bus thru streets w/ flags. People marching. 08:54:55 Flag flying, King pinning medal & others. 08:55:08 Title: Bombardment of Rome. Smoke rising seen from outside of Rome across fields. Explosions. 08:56:14 People looking at craters & destroyed streetcar rails in streets. Buildings w/ destruction & windows blown out of modern Universita Dogli Studi. Pan across. Interior of dormitory w/ heavy destruction. Collapsed building & men digging in rubble. Flames in upper stories of still burning building. Craters in streets. Cemetery w/ destruction. 08:57:53 Ext. of churches. Interior of large Romanesque church, damage to others (same?). Interior w/ collapsed roof, fallen timbers, rubble. Pope Pius XII (still) inside. Well dressed Princess Marie Jose of Piedmont, wife of Crown Prince Humbert, in hat inspecting ruins surrounded by crowd. With children & army officer; walking, talking to people. WW2; Fascist Government; Italian Royalty; 25Jul43; NOTE: on 24Jul43 King Victor Emmanuel was asked to resume power in Italy, replacing Mussolini.

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