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WWII - 1944, Italy: Dramatic Death of Two Fascists - Rome Trial That Led To Lynching & Execution

Reel Number: 220471-27

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: Italy

Location: Rome

TC Begins: 07:31:49

TC Ends: 07:33:33

Duration: 00:01:44

WWII - 1944, Italy: Rome Courtroom w/ Trial Interrupted by Lynching; Death Verdict & Execution Intertitle: Dramatic Death of Two Fascists - Rome Trial That Led To Lynching & Execution. 07:32:02 High Angle / HA crowd at trial of former Italian police chief Pietro Caruso. Mob drags out witness - prison official Donato Carretta & lynch him (not seen). 07:32:30 Ext. civilians & police / soldiers above river. LS Carretta’s body seen naked & hung up by heels on Regina Coeli Prison wall. 07:32:38 Int. of courtroom. Pietro Caruso second trial, Sep44, after Careta lynching. Caruso into courtroom on crutches. Prosecutor. Caruso gesturing; Defense lawyer gestures wildly. Judge reading out (MOS) death sentence. MCU Caruso listening & walking out of courtroom. 07:33:17 29Sep44 Caruso out of van for execution, walks on crutches w/ priest & others, prepared & shot by firing squad while seated on chair. WW2 Execution; Victors Justice; Italy; 1940s; Death;

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