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WWII - 1944, Newsreel: Italian Government; Presidential Convention; B-24; Australian Troops; Puppies; Bond Campaign; British Royalty

Reel Number: 221746-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Australia,England,Italy,United Kingdom,USA,Yugoslavia

Location: Chicago,Fondi,Illinois,New York City,NYC,Rome,San Diego

TC Begins: 05:20:45

TC Ends: 05:28:13

Duration: 00:07:28

WWII - 1944, Newsreel: Italian Government; Presidential Convention; B-24; Australian Troops; Puppies; Bond Campaign; British Royalty Title: New Set-Up For Italy. Pan over crowd, some looking at poster or ??. Int. w/ Italian government officials at table, Prime Minister Ivanoe Bonomi w/ Carlo Sforza. People in street yelling into building, storm gates, into buildings & kick & beat Fascist government members. 05:21:27 Fondi streets w/ Allied Military Government / AMG feeding young & old amid damaged buildings; people fighting for food; CUs. 05:22:00 Title: GOP Set For Convention. Montage: Ext. Chicago Stadium, interior w/ men setting up stage & chairs. LS large apartments on Lake Front; sign: Republican National Convention Committee on Arrangements. MCU Mrs. Sayer. Sign Harrison E. Spangler Chairman... & MS at desk w/ ??. LS & MS w/ Senator Robert Taft & others at table during Resolutions Committee meeting. 05:22:36 Title: Aviation In The News. 5000th Consolidated B-24 Liberator towed out of San Diego factory w/ workers names on fuselage. MCUs. 05:23:05 Title: Thousands Pray For Our Boys. 03Jun44 Catholic service in Soldiers Field w/ Archbishop Stritch leading procession. Praying officials night procession past crowd. Huge altar. Rome, Italy & Allied troops into church; General Clark shaking hands w/ priests. 05:24:03 Title: First Movies Of Gen. Tito. Yugoslavian Marshall Tito w/ Russian & other military VIPs. Banner, partisan troops in uniforms w/ men & women marching. 05:24:39 Title: Avenue of Allies Spurs Bond Sales. Flags, crowds & ceremony in front of New York City Public Library on Fifth Avenue. Secretary Morgenthau & Mayor LaGuardia w/ giant scissors cut ribbon on steps. Artwork painted on windows: Remember Warsaw, Bataan, Corregidor, Lidice, Rotterdam... Normal traffic past. 05:25:10 Title: Fighting Aussies Honored. Returning men & women Australian troops march in military parade on rainy day. MCU w;omen standing in mud puddles in driving rain. 05:25:44 Title: Lena Has 23 Babies. Woman & boy carry basket w/ 23 puppies; CU mother Foxhound dog. 05:26:17 Title: The World of Sports. England - Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret ride in horse cart at horseshow in London; King & Queen watching. Jumping horses, boy thrown from horse, falls again... 05:27:27 Title: San Antonio, Flying Fish. Pre-flight cadets in swim trunks exercise on side of pool, dive in pool & swim. The End. WW2; Presidential Elections; Aircraft Industry; Religion; Fund Raising; Animals; British Royalty; Army Air Force; USAAF; NOTE: Any or all sold at per reel rate.

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