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WWII - 1945, Government Documentary: Enemy Japan: Dream of Empire

Reel Number: H1385-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930s,1940s

Country: Australia,China,Germany,India,Japan,Philippines,USA


TC Begins: 10:27:25

TC Ends: 10:48:58

Duration: 00:21:33

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk Introduction by Joseph C. Grew US Ambassador to Japan 1933 - 1941 They will not give up or surrender...they are ready to keep on fighting for 100 years... 10:28:31 Japan bombers from ground & in air; bombing China w/ explosions. City w/ burning, smoking & fire. Chinese running in the streets, bodies; Japanese troops in China advance & battle. Japanese Government & military officers. Hideki Tojo comes to power. 10:29:44 Flashback 1931, Japanese military & government. 10:29:53 Slug 10:30:04 Japanese military. Tojo in 1941. 1931 map w/ Manchurian conquest, firing artillery, marching in, troops out of trucks, cheer, march. Pu Yi reviews troops. Chinese government buildings & heads of Japanese financed corporations. Army engineers planning; construction w/ forced manual labor. Troops watch Manchurian farmers work. Opium smoking. 10:32:41 Map of China. 1937 Japanese Zero pursuit planes take off across grass field; men wave goodbye to bombers. POV from planes bombing China. Shanghai explosions & heavy damage. Cruiser Augusta after bombed w/ flag over coffin. Chinese refugees; doctors & nurses & American missionaries. 10:34:55 Japanese march through Shanghai, up Yangtze. Japanese boats on river w/ troops; planes over. Artillery firing, troops crawl forward. Amphibious planes dive-bomb. Japanese machine gunners. Tanks & men advance; supplies brought along river. Soldiers crossing river on bridge held up comrades. Crossing river in boats under cover of chemical smokescreen. Up muddy bank. Artillery & house to house fighting; tanks. 10:38:22 Men banzai cheer off castle Ohenju Railway station & repair of tracks by slave labor. Open pit mine. Japanese stockpile supplies, carrying crates. 10:39:32 Map of Philippine Islands. Street scenes - high angle shot of traffic, billboards, lumber & train of logs. Hemp drying, mining chromite & moving w/ hand carts; loading onto ship. Malaya & rubber tapping & drying. Tin mining w/ hand labor, Malaya. Loading US ship in Singapore docks; dry docks w/ British Naval ship. Dutch East Indies Java & Sumatra. Oil drilling, storage; peeling bark & making quinine drugs for malaria. 10:42:29 Dutch naval bases. Australia & resources - street scenes & industry. Mining w/ large open pit iron mines, milling factories. Sheep farming & shearing. Docks - ships loaded. 10:43:47 Mar41 Jap foreign minister welcomed to Berlin. Japanese flags flying from Brandenburg Gate - motorcade. Diplomats met by Goering, Hitler & other VIPS. Group after meeting on balcony. French turning over bases to Japan in Indochina w/o a fight. 10:45:55 Troops off ships; troops advance into Indo-China on trucks, then w/ camouflage; road marker re Hanoi, 170 km. Natives surrender. Japan at Thailand border. October, 1941 General Hideki Tojo becomes Prime Minister along w/ Admirals & Generals. Cabinet poses. Kenoye removed. Japanese Navy & ships, planes over. 10:48:10 Bombing of Pearl Harbor & ships burning. The End. Pre-WWII Pacific; Pre-WW2 Invasions; Diplomacy; Propaganda; Natural Resources; Manchuko Invasion; Asian Militarism; NOTE: Any continuous 11 minutes sold at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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