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Fight For Liberty, The: The Second Year Of The War Pt 2 of 4

Reel Number: 221251-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Canada,England North Africa UNITED KINGDOM,Uk,United Kingdom,USA

Location: London,Martinique,North Africa

TC Begins: 13:36:11

TC Ends: 13:46:47

Duration: 00:10:36

The Fight For Liberty: The Second Year Of The War Pt 2 of 4 Grain combines in the field, ship in port, tank cars of train carry oil, oil field, timber in millpond, various metal mining. Smoke out of tall chimney, high angle large factory hall w/ punch presses; factory hall, work w/ various machinery, LS smoking chimneys, new trucks in outdoor storage field. 13:37:16 People walk across city bridge, people enter ?, women sort documents at control boards, offices of government. U.S, high angle army parade, CU marching troops, FDR inauguration. British war ship on the water w/ British ambassador to America Lord Halifax & King George V(?) on board, steel industry, big sparks, plane construction, CU huge supply delivery box w/ sign From USA, To Royal Air Force, England, boxes loaded in to truck or lorry, plane manufacture. 13:38:49 FDR & Mckenzie King in open top car past planes on airfield, photographer, CU President Roosevelt and Mackenzie King in car watch army parade w/ flags. 13:39:10 Summer of 1940, American delegation arrive at Ottawa for the 1st conference of Canada & US Joint Board for Defense, delegates pose for photographers. Animated map shows North America surrounded by world at war. Shot of army base in French North Africa w/ general Maxim Wegand shaking hands w/ other officer. CU soldiers w/ binoculars, big guns pointed into the air. 13:39:55 Animated map of Atlantic, shots of danger spot - Martinique, various shots of aircraft carrier Bearn at anchor since fall of France, animated map of North America, officials in office around meeting table. 13:40:18 Animated map of Atlantic Ocean, war ships in sea port Union Jack flags pulled up the flag poles, troops exit the ship, men unload sacks, clean artillery, trucks carry artillery on the road. Animated map of Pacific Ocean. 13:40:58 Chinese pilots given instructions, march from airbase, run to the battle fields. Japanese troops on ship leave port, soldiers thru bushes. Landscape; maps showing Pacific. 13:42:03 Sept. 1940 Mussolini launches invasion of Egypt. Aerial over village. Bombing, tanks & destroyed buildings. Mussolini at Bremer Pass to meet Hitler, greeting on RR platform. Troops at attention. Italians into Greece. Athens & marching troops. Soldiers passing stones by hand. Italian navy w/ large ships. British ships w/ planes taking off & chasing Italians. Sunken Italian ships. Night naval battle. 13:44:36 Convoy thru Mediterranean & Red Sea. Aerial spotting submarine & destroyers firing. Anti-aircraft guns on shipboard. Burning ship & rescuing sailors or pilots. Ships unloading in Egypt, uncrating planes, unloading tanks. General Wavell & British & Australian troops across desert, firing large guns. Planes bombing. Bombsight. Battle. Fleet firing onto Tobruk. WWII North African Campaign; WW2 Allied Alliances;

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