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Nazi Germany: Maps; Graphics; Banned Books

Reel Number: 221266-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1937

Country: Germany


TC Begins: 17:41:35

TC Ends: 17:45:19

Duration: 00:03:44

Nazi Germany: Maps; Graphics; Banned Books Map: France to Lithuania & Ukraine w/ graphic of radio broadcast signals to: Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Rumania, etc. Then of The Press; Local Nazi Parties; Trade Pressure. 17:42:51 Map showing treaties etc. German territories; Siegfried Line. Partition of Czechoslovakia. 17:44:38 CUs of forbidden books: Reigen (Hands Around by Arthur Schnitzler); Kant selections; The World’s Illusion; The Evolution of Physics; Napoleon; Education Before Verdun; The Road Back. Ends on Mendelssohn, Wedding March sheet music. Pre-WWII Germany; 1930s; Nationalism; 1937; WW2;

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