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WWII - 1940/41, German Wartime Christmas; Nazi Radio Performance; Blitz on London; Adm Raeder at Bismarck Commissioning

Reel Number: H1332-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941,1940s

Country: England,France,Germany,United Kingdom

Location: Berlin,Birmingham,Hamburg,London

TC Begins: 18:19:35

TC Ends: 18:39:26

Duration: 00:19:51

WWII - 1940/41, German Wartime Christmas; Nazi Radio Performance; Blitz on London; Adm Raeder at Bismarck Commissioning Pan New German village houses. 18:19:44 Int. Mother carries baby into room, two older girls come in & get Christmas toys; exterior w/ boys in uniforms putting toys on cart & girls in uniforms working around table painting & repairing toys. Boys assembling toy planes, others making handicrafts & boxing to prepare Christmas toys. 18:20:58 LS of warehouse w/ swastikas, packages sorted by soldiers & women & shipping by train to troops at front. Soldiers in pillboxes receiving, opening; one lights cigar. 18:22:07 Food to German army by truck thru France, past horse & wagon; along autobahn. CU of trucks w/ banners, soldiers. Unloading burlap bags of vegetables & kegs of beer . 18:23:30 LS of large radio broadcasting antenna in Berlin, Germany. Ext of military VIPs on steps of Rundfunk & entering. Smiling Herman Goebbels entering & being saluted; technicians & gages. CU clock: 03:28. 18:23:53 Soldiers hurrying into ?? and listening to German radio performance of large orchestra; announcer introduces Goebbels. CUs smiling Nazi German soldiers listening to various radios. Some sitting by candles & listening to Christmas boys choir in uniforms singing. MCU. Some soldiers repairing clothes, drinking. Live audience applauding. 18:25:29 CU many babies in hospital wrapped in blankets, crying. Announcer in front of choir & orchestra speaking, cut-away to cheering soldiers around radio. CU nurses & others applauding. 18:26:00 Female vocalist singing; CUs of audience listening. MCU singer leading audience in singing & hospitalized soldiers smiling & singing along. Soldier swaying; everyone applauding. 18:27:28 Announcer introduces orchestra, plays folk tune briefly, CU soldiers feet tapping. 18:28:00 German ski troops training in mountains w/ artillery carried on mules & by hand up steep mountains in snow. By cable & reassembled (in summer) & fired. 18:30:11 JU 88 bombers, men load fuel & bombs for UK during Blitz; CUs. POV low over coast & in flight formation; over London & Thames River at dusk. Searchlights & bombs dropped & explosions at night. GOOD. 18:33:54 24Aug40 Hamburg. Kriegsmarine sailors at attention as Admiral Erich Raeder up gangplank to inspect Battleship Bismarck at commissioning; reviews sailors. Anchor raised, tugs moving it out thru canal from Blohm und Voss shipyard enroute to Kiel for completion of fitting out. CU sailors at stations; bow thru water. Ship drills, guns moved, fleet at sea w/ destroyers etc. during sea trials in Baltic sea. WW2; German Newsreel; Entertainment; Entertainers; Gifts; Military; Patriotism; NOTE: The Blitz extended from 07Sep40 to 10May41. NOTE: Sound leads picture approx. 7 seconds. Sound lacking on master: 18:34:53 - 18:35:01. NOTE: In our experience German Nazi era material is considered in the public domain throughout the world. If users feel any further clearances are necessary they are to be their own responsibility.

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