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Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 1

Reel Number: 200541-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany

Location: Berlin,Potsdam

TC Begins: 15:00:21

TC Ends: 15:10:56

Duration: 00:10:35

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 1 7th July 1945, Ships at sea. Cruiser Augusta w/ Truman aboard w/ Byrnes. Through streets in Army car to airport, reviews troops of 35th Div. & boards 4-motor plane, taxiing, in -flight. Off plane in Berlin w/ Gen. Marshall, Anthony Eden, Sec. Byrnes. Shakes hands w/ Winston Churchill. Military parade, Troops of various nation march. Military Chiefs of Staff of many nations around table. Parade & firing salute w/ artillery. 15:04:44 Truman & Churchill shaking hands. Devastated Berlin aerial & ground. Truman tours in open top car, Unter den Linden near Brandenburg gate, posters three leaders on monument. 15:05:24 Flashback Hitler in open top car, adoring Germans. Hitler making speech, overlaid with Eng. translation. 15:06:02 Truman at mic speaking; technicians; radio mast, USA, people listening to radio in various situations. Truman says working for peace for the World. Stalin, Truman, Molotov. Potsdam, good exteriors house. 15:08:24 Arrivals for Potsdam conference, Truman, Stalin, Eisenhower, Montgomery. Truman, Stalin and Churchill join hands for posed photo. 15:08:39 Moscow Conference with Molotov, Eden and Hull. 15:08:53 Cairo, Tehran conference, good shots Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, FDR voiceover flashback shots of German military might. 15:09:57 Yalta, exteriors conference building, interiors meeting in progress 15:10:16 San Francisco, signing of UN charter. 15:10:22 Allies meeting - Elbe? lots of handshaking and celebrations. Surrender signed.

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