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FDR, Churchill and King Ibn Saud meet in Egypt after Yalta Conference

Reel Number: 220780-02

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Algeria,Egypt,Gibraltar

Location: Alexandria,Algiers,Suez

TC Begins: 18:15:20

TC Ends: 18:22:17

Duration: 00:06:57

FDR, Churchill and King Ibn Saud meet in Egypt after Yalta Conference 14Feb45 Color Shots of King Ibn-Saud w/ Col. William A Eddy (translator & US rep. to Saudi Arabia) on deck of destroyer USS Murphy (DD-603); coffee served, others of King’s party seen. 18:16:57 USS Murphy seen in Suez Canal from water & approaching Heavy Cruiser USS Quincy (CA-71). Shot of USS Quincy w/ sailors lining rail; high shot from USS Murphy as Ibn Saud walks down gangway onto ship and forward. 18:17:54 Title card: “Transiting the Suez, en route Alexandria” Shots on board ship in canal, shadow on bank, sandy banks. 18:18:25 Title card: “Alexandria harbor” View past men at rail. USS Murphy (?) seen passing dhows & other small boats. President Roosevelt, Stettinius & other civilians in party posing. 18:19:03 Winston Churchill coming aboard (in shadow). USS Gleaves (DD-423) away from ship in harbor. 18:19:30 Title card: “Algiers”. FDR(?) looking off ships rail with binoculars. Dock w/ logs, jeep and car. Shots of shoreline from ship (poor focus). 18:20:06 Title card: Westbound - Passing through the Straits of Gibraltar.” Rock of Gibraltar behind three men. Other shots of Gibraltar and water w/ white caps and sun on waves. Escort ships. 18:20:48 B/W Ship’s chefs & mess crew display cakes w/ Happy Birthday FDR written in icing. Sailors hold cakes & pose. The End.

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