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Post-WWII - 1946 / 1947 - British Delegation & Bevin Statementd After 2 1/2 weeks Moscow Meeting

Reel Number: 250049-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1946,1947

Country: England,United Kingdom,USSR


TC Begins: 00:53:27

TC Ends: 00:57:26

Duration: 00:03:59

Post-WWII - 1946 / 1947 - British Delegation & Bevin Statement After 2 1/2 weeks Moscow Meeting Ernest Bevin with others at table, looking at papers. 00:53:58 Ext. Moscow, large 19th Century building w/ snow piled up; Kremlin wall & buildings behind from across river. Churches. Ext. of 19th cent. bldg w/ snow. 00:54:31 Int. Bevin enters and all sit down around table. 00:55:15 CU Bevin, SOF: “We’ve been engaged in Moscow for 2 1/2 weeks discussing vital problems affecting Germany, Austria & Europe generally. The preparedly work that has gone on for this conference started at Yalta and has received active consideration ever since. This meeting in Moscow is probably the most important that has place in the whole series of events since the close of the war. What we do here at this meeting will determine the future of Europe for many years to come. We have to try & recreate Germany on a democratic basis, give her a chance to live, at the same time make sure that the security of the rest of Europe is preserved & that aggression cannot take place again. This presents one of the greatest problems that a statesman has ever been faced with because bound up w/ it is not merely political considerations but economic as well. But we must do our best. We shall try & make our constructive suggestions. Up till now we’ve been investigating the work that has gone on since the Control Council was established. We find many divergences; but as a result of the experience gained we hope to set forth something fresh to enable them to carry on its work and at the same time to lay the foundations for a new Germany and what I hope will become a rehabilitated progressive and peaceful Europe. Cold War; Post-WW2; German Occupation;

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