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Telenews Daily, The - Washington Headlines (Foreign Trade Discussed)

Reel Number: 221458-12

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1949

Country: USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 04:17:11

TC Ends: 04:19:49

Duration: 00:02:38

Telenews Daily, The - Washington Headlines (Foreign Trade Discussed) 04:17:34 Senator ?? at desk read paper to camera (SOF): The proposed three-year extension of the 1934 Trade Agreements Act is one of the most vital proposals to come to the Senate floor in a century. Under the selective free trade program, including the reckless lowering of the tariffs & import fees, without regard to the deferential of cost due to the difference in the wage & standard of living. We are importing unemployment & the low wage living standard nations of Europe & Asia will take the jobs from American working men. Proper tariffs & import fees representing the difference, the differential of cost, of production between the fifty cents per day & the $2 labor, & our $8 to $12 per day labor scale simply furnishs a floor under wages. The recent international conference was set up as a smoke screen to confuse the issue on the Senate floor. There is only one objective of the low wage nations, and that is the United States markets in open competition with the working men of America. If we extend the 1934 Trade Agreements Act it can be an economic Yalta.” 04:18:54 Representative ?? to camera: “Two years ago when the Republicans took control of the Congress of the United States, they immediately shifted the program laid down by Cordell Hull & Frankllin D. Roosevelt, principally iupon the ?? points. And for two years we have been operating under the Republican theory of high protection & during that time not a single agreement has been made w/ any other nation. This Congress, & we’re debating the reciprical trade agreement at the present time, proposes to go back to the Hull theory of reciprocal trade which gives the President of the United States, & his interdepartmental committee, the sole power to make these agreements with other nations.” Economics; Post-WWII; 1949; Protectionism;

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