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WWII - 1945, President Roosevelt: Reports To Congress On Yalta Parley, Excerpts. 01Mar45

Reel Number: 220469-16

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: USA

Location: Washington, DC

TC Begins: 03:33:16

TC Ends: 03:36:07

Duration: 00:02:51

WWII - 1945, President Roosevelt: Reports To Congress On Yalta Parley, Excerpts. 01Mar45 Main title. Intertitle: Roosevelt Reports To Congress On Yalta Parley. 03:33:32 Standing Congress applauding; seated FDR speech, SOF: "I come from the Crimean Conference with a firm belief that we have made a good start on the road to a world of peace. (edit) “Never before have the major Allies been more closely united, not only in their war aims but also in their peace aims. And they are determined to continue to be united, to be united w/ each other & w/ all peace-loving nations so that the ideal of lasting peace will become a reality. (edit) “The German people, as well as the German soldiers, must realize that sooner, the sooner they give up & surrender, surrender by groups or by individuals, the sooner their present agony will be over. (edit) “I had read about Warsaw & Lidice & Rotterdam & Coventry, but I saw Sevastopol & Yalta. And I know that there is not room enough on earth for both German militarism & Christian decency.” 03:34:50 CU "We haven't won the wars yet," with an "s" on wars. It is a long tough road to Tokyo. It is longer to go to Tokyo than it is to Berlin, in every sense of the word. The defeat of Germany will not mean the end of the war against Japan. On the contrary, we must be prepared for a long & costly struggle in the Pacific. But the unconditional surrender of Japan is as essential as the defeat of Germany. (applause) (edit) 03:35:31 And I am confident that the Congress & the American people will accept the results of this conference as the beginnings of a permanent structure of peace upon which we can begin to build, under God, that better world in which our children & grandchildren, yours & mine, the children & grandchildren of the whole world, must live & can live. (applause) WW2; 01Mar45; Yalta Conference Report; NOTE: Does not contain apology for sitting.

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