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WWII - 1945, Yalta Big Three Confer Conference. Feb45

Reel Number: 221295-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Malta,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Malta,Ukraine,Yalta

TC Begins: 03:46:13

TC Ends: 03:48:39

Duration: 00:02:26

WWII - 1945, Yalta Big Three Confer Conference. Feb45 Four-motor Army Air Force plane landing at Malta for preliminary military conference. Ambassador Harriman talking w/ British Field Marshall Wilson. General Marshall off plane, shakes hands w/ Harriman & Russian Office, Field Marshall Alexander (?). LS Montgomery House as car pulls up where early meeting was held. CU name plaque. 03:46:42 Military officers around long table w/ Field Marshall Alexander, Summervill (sp?), Admiral King. LS of Yalta from above. Molotov posing w/ Anthony Eden & Stettinius. Churchill off plane at Yalta & next to Molotov. President Roosevelt in car looking very thin shaking hands. CU of daughter Anna Roosevelt Boettiger, and w/ Sarah Churchill. Flags of nations. FDR in jeep reviewing troops. Summer Palace of Tsar Nicholas & arrival of cars. Harry Hopkins. 03:47:48 Arrival of Josef Stalin. Int. shot of round table w/ various delegates & aides. Posing for cameras seated outside. FDR; WW2 Yalta Conference variously called Crimea Conference, code named Argonaut Conference, 04-11Feb45.

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