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WWII Victory & Troops Thru Crowds; Fighting; Yalta Conference Preparations & Meetings

Reel Number: 221359-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s,1945,1940s

Country: Bulgaria,Russia,USA,USSR,Yugoslavia

Location: Yalta

TC Begins: 14:42:03

TC Ends: 14:50:28

Duration: 00:08:25

WWII Victory & Troops Thru Crowds; Fighting; Yalta Conference Preparations & Meetings POV past women & men cheering soldiers in street; troops on trucks greeted w/ handshaking, tanks & soldiers past. Crowd w/ raised clenched fists. Troops riding on tanks on flat cars of railroad train; marching along mountainside; POV from tank thru Bulgarian village. Kisses. Military band playing in sunlight. Massive crowds cheering, tank thru ((Yugoslavia?). 14:43:03 Men run alongside road; firing from side & artillery in street. Wounded troops & civilians carried. Kisses. Signs greeting. Partisans marching. Horses led. Fighting in streets & moving behind sandbags; piles of paving, along walls of rubble. Fighting in French street. 14:44:29 Man pulled from sewer hiding place. Soldier helped out of sewer. MCU woman in doorway beside soldier w/ gun. CUs of partisans (?); boy (?) walking w/ rifle. CUs partisans. Part of building explodes on man firing from inside. Wounded treated; others carried on stretchers. Dead on street. Soldiers giving up rifles. 14:45:45 Man firing flame thrower into building. Dynamiting buildings. 14:46:20 Men & women taking oath. 14:46:26 Aerial over destroyed buildings of city; troops march thru Warsaw?; trucks & artillery thru. Two kids walk carrying loaves of bread. Glitch 14:47:00:17 - 14:47:02:07. Tanks & troops. Dynamite explosion & street fighting. Tanks & cheering crowds. Aerial over burning city of Gdansk. Raising flag. 14:47:48 Black Sea city of Yalta w/ palm trees along street, pedestrians & bicyclists. Kids looking at large wall cartoon. Man pointing & to two panels of cartoons about Hitler & WWII. 14:48:00 Sign pointing to Odessa & Livadia & Sevastopol. Residential streets & US & Soviet men laying cables & wires for Yalta Conference. Unloading US Army trucks. Int. w/ fire in fireplace. 14:48:40 Churchill out of plane; FDR in car shaking hands w/ ??, Molotov introducing; jeep w/ Roosevelt past troops at attention. Hammer & scycle on building. Stalin enters, FDR arrives & Churchill into building. 14:49:19:12 - 14:49:19:17 glitch. 14:49:25 Int. Stalin enters w/ delegation. Journalists. FDR & Stettinius, Churchill & Eden, Stalin & ?? (Gromyko visible). US man at teletype. Harriman, Stalin & Molotov talking. FDR & Churchill at table. 14:49:58 Ext. Churchill puts on cap; Eden & ??. Group posing for pictures seen from above, FDR seated in middle. Diplomatic Conference; Battles; Celebrations; Dead; Prisoners of War; Fighting; Aerials of Destruction; Horrors of War; WW2;

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