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1949 - Color, Educational Film: Life In Lowlands (The Netherlands)

Reel Number: 221702-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1949,1940s

Country: Holland,Netherlands

Location: Amsterdam,Holland

TC Begins: 12:53:48

TC Ends: 13:03:47

Duration: 00:09:59

Titles. 12:54:08 Netherlands / Holland / Dutch coast - sailboats - dikes - canals. 12:54:39 Map of Northern Europe - VO re land reclamation. 12:54:52 Young boy, Peter, & grandfather on way home after catching fish - walk over dike, thru tall grass, past farmland / polder w/ dairy herd grazing. 12:56:41 Farm house & Peter shows sister Mina a ship’s pulley he found in grass; grandfather digs small hole to show how polders are built. 12:57:59 Workers building dike. Cars along road on top of dike. Pumping station. Windmill - sails turning, pumping into ditches to form polders. 12:59:39 Boy loads crates of vegetables onto canal boat after harvest; moved along canals. Open cheese market. Goods unloaded at docks - VO re imports & exports. 13:01:13 Shipbuilding; diamond cutter at work in Amsterdam. Train & streetcar run past. 13:01:54 Amsterdam street scenes - traffic & pedestrians, bicycles; architecture; school. 13:02:42 Farmer sowing clover seeds in field past cows, along drainage ditch; Peter & Mina run to get him for dinner. The End. Travelogues - Holland; Tourism; Economy; Economics; Land Reclamation; Drainage; Farming / Agriculture; Shipping; Transport; Educational Films; 1940s; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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