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Holland Carries On Part 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221225-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: England,Holland,Netherlands,United Kingdom

Location: Amsterdam,Holland,London,rotterdam,zuiderzee

TC Begins: 09:27:39

TC Ends: 09:38:29

Duration: 00:10:50

Holland Carries On Part 1 of 2 Prod. Film Bureau of Netherlands Kingdom Maps of Netherlands & world showing Netherlands East & West Indies. Amsterdam street scenes, canal boats, people on bicycles. Royal Palace, modern apartment blocks & office buildings. Signpost Amsterdam - Nieuw Venner 6, Haarlem 22, Den Haag 25. Cars along almost empty new highway w/ railroad alongside. Daily life. Picking tulips. 09:30:01 Airport scenes: huge signpost pointing to many international cities; people boar KLM passenger plane, starting, taxiing. Aerial view of dikes. Sailboats along canal network. Map of North Holland province showing land reclamation & Zuiderzee dike & polder scheme. Dike construction scenes - could include 1930s workers; heavy machinery unloading dredged landfill; lock & pumping station under way. Repair crews working on finished dike. Draft horses pull harvester on reclaimed farmland, cattle & horses grazing. 09:35:40 High pan across new setttlement built on polder. Dutch people out of church, women wearing traditional white headdresses. 09:36:24 Title ‘May 10-1940 Germany Invades Holland’ Nazi occupation scenes, tanks & trucks roll in - Luftwaffe drops paratroops - Rotterdam under bombardment day & night. Civilians read Nazi proclamation in Dutch & German. 09:37:33 Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands arrives in England to set up Government in Exile. Dutch Merchant Marine ships join up w/ Allied Naval fleets - troops transported on Dutch warship - VO re participation in major naval missions. Fleet at sea. WWII; European Royalty; Geography;

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