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Netherlands Daily Life ca 1930s

Reel Number: 221531-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1930s

Country: Holland,Netherlands

Location: Amsterdam,Hilversum

TC Begins: 10:17:43

TC Ends: 10:26:12

Duration: 00:08:29

Netherlands Daily Life ca 1930s MS man holding tulips at flower auction. View of table of flowers, auctioneer. Carts of flowers. Boxed bundles labeled: Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London, Budapest. 10:18:02 Low angle shot of Amsterdam Municipal Airport w/ swastika flag on pole. Crates on cart to Tri-motor corrugated airplane Otto Bernrt; loading. 10:18:14 Post w/ arrows to various destinations & kilometers, distance. 10:18:20 Same tri-motor w/ swastika on tail taking off. 10:18:32 Crated flowers loaded onto railroad baggage car. Steam engine pulling out of large Amsterdam station w/ much smoke, people waving. 10:19:06 Summertime view of houses, apartment buildings beside canal, reflections in water. High angle of city along canal w/ people on streets, crossing bridges; water level of canal boats, swan, daily life. Clothes hanging, women getting water from canal. Woman on canal boat mending clothes, children, girl w/ bicycle. 10:20:20 Street over bridge w/ large building beyond. CU painting of 1700s (?). Building; 1700s painting of man performing autopsy. Building, tilt down to street level w/ doorway no. 4. Boy passing. CU oil painting portrait w/ signature. 10:21:17 Traffic patrolman signaling; many bicyclists & carts around curved street; people signaling, cu wheels, pedestrians along park. Some cars. VERY GOOD. 10:22:00 Small motor boat along canal, people at floating cafes in sun. Boys fishing (?). 10:22:33 LS Tall apartment building, glass stairwell & tilt up along stairwell & balconies. 10:22:53 Small ornate municipal building w/ clock; building built 1618. 10:23:09 Modern International Style building w/ tall clock tower. CU features, brick entrance walk, windows & hanging plantings. 10:23:20 Gothic building beside bridge (?); CU weather vane w/ sailing ship; gargoyles. 10:23:29 LS City Theater, modern style building. Sidewalk w/ pedestrians, parked bicycle. Man & dog cart, pouring milk & delivering. 10:24:09 LS modern large building. Students leaving school. 10:24:20 Radio tower, NSE. Modern building w/ banner (National Radio Broadcaster?), glass bricks, bicycles parked. 10:24:38 MCU of disc cutter or turn table playing from inside out. Engineer at control panel w/ headset. 10:24:56 People on bicycles past Grand Hotel Gooiland. Int. w/ glass block & modern curved lines; elevator in glass shaft. Pool & tables., 10:25:27 Canal w/ medieval building & men poling barge. City & elaborate bell tower. 1800s steam engine pulling small railroad cars. 1930s streamliner. The End. Dutch Travelogue; Holland; Netherlands; Daily Life; Street Scenes;

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