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WWII, Color, 1945, Netherlands: Liberation Celebrations & Damage; Nazi Prisoners, ca 05May45

Reel Number: 250083-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Canada,England,Germany,Holland,Netherlands,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Amsterdam,Holland,rotterdam,The Hague

TC Begins: 21:10:15

TC Ends: 21:27:55

Duration: 00:17:40

WWII - 1945, Netherlands: Liberation Celebrations & Damage; Nazi Prisoners, ca 05May45 Slate: Scheuerman, Z-42, Amsterdam. Picture of Hitler hanging w/ apartment buildings behind, pan to destroyed garage or ?? MCU pan across waving crowds in street, waving US flag. Street & large square lined w/ crowd waving to passing jeeps. People wave from above street, some stand on light poles. 21:11:41 View of crowd thru barbed wire fence. Women dancing in circle, others watch from behind. 21:12:19 Large square, bicycles, pedestrians; tilt up City Hall. Pedestrians, horse drawn van; tilt up City Hall. 21:12:46 Brief shot man w/ small movie camera. Nurses behind him. MCU nurses talking, shaking hands. 21:12:53 Slate: same except Z-43. Woman wearing tam-o-shanter taking still picture. View of Netherlands flags on buildings, crowds lining street behind ropes. Well-dressed children waving orange flags outside Voors School & banner Welcome Friends between American & British flags. 21:14:02 Men beside flower vender’s cart waving; pan flowers along canal bank, crowd standing beside; wreaths w/ ribbons; MCU man holding baby girl. Surrendered German officers walked / marched thru street w/ women marching after accompanied by Netherlands soldiers / police? People follow on bicycle. 21:15:15 MCU kids shaking hands w/ GI in car, tripod visible. Truck w/ Canadian troops arriving past waving crowd, people filling in street afterward. CU Dutch newspaper sign on building bricks CU: War Correspondents - The underground paper Het Parool invites you to make yourself at home in this newspaper building. Canadian trucks thru streets w/ British or Canadian troops . High angle Vehicles overloaded w/ civilians; climbing aboard jeep . Trucks & trailers passing. People milling in street. 21:17:36 Underground newspaper posted on wall, CUs. Pan newspaper office building w/ flags & sign. 21:18:13 Ornate clock tower w/ frieze below; Red flag flying from top. Church. 21:18:43 Man w/ rifle running thru street ahead of Nazi prisoners & collaborators marched w/ hands up. MS. Boy Scouts around. 21:19:14 Women wheel three women out from building on mobile stretchers; Canadian soldiers behind. Women w/ Dutch flags, people give them coins. British Tommy autographs card for one. 21:20:00 Men w/ wire cutters taking down barbed wire fence / barricade. 21:20:16 Nazi officers carrying packs walked out of Gestapo Headquarters, loaded into trucks. 21:20:59 Flowers on Tomb of Amsterdam Unknown Soldier. Woman laying out floral design in square. 21:21:50 Government building w/ mounted statue & floral display; Dutch flag flying. People milling about. 21:22:26 LS of Government building w/ Dutch flag on tower. 21:22:41 Bomb damage in The Hague. Leveled blocks; destroyed church w/ only few arches standing. Looking out thru partially broken leaded glass window. 21:23:28 Slate: Scheuerman Z-47 The Hague. Shots of heavy destruction. Man past pushing cart of ?? Bicycles thru empty street lined w/ destroyed building remains. 21:25:26 Civilians w/ guns rounding up Nazi SS troops walking past. 21:25:38 Statue in front of Queen’s Palace. Flag on large windmill, tilt down to military cameraman talking to another soldier at base. 21:26:08 Slate: Scheuerman Z-48 Rotterdam. Woman looking at grave w/ flowers. LS large church; flag flying on government building w/ clock tower. CU w/ statue. Graves w/ flowers, sign 20 buried. 21:27:32 LS large Rotterdam church; CU rear w/o roof. Flag on church tower. Ending of WW2; NOTE: Sell any continuous 9 minutes sold at per reel rate

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