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1947 - Franco w/ Juan & Eva Peron, Madrid & Valencia; Franco in Barcelona

Reel Number: 221223-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1947

Country: Spain

Location: Barcelona,Madrid,Valencia

TC Begins: 05:34:32

TC Ends: 05:44:58

Duration: 00:10:26

1947 - Franco w/ Juan & Eva Peron; Franco in Barcelona Madrid, Spain Man bowing, kissing hand of Eva Peron in fur coat standing next to Franco in ornate palace. Others past on receiving line. Peron putting ribbon over head of woman (not Eva). Street and large assembly past; Eva & Franco waving from balcony seen from several angles; massive crowds filling huge square. POV thru street past waving crowd. 05:35:44 Int. Valencia Opera Hall (?) & Franco w/ Eva & Juan Peron. Costumed cast presenting gifts to Eva standing next to Franco. Other crowd situations. Eva waving goodbye from plane. 05:36:52 Barcelona fountains & ?? Franco enters w/ military to applause of large group, acknowledges people from front of large hall. Receives volumes from men in civilian clothes. People in balcony applaud. Franco speaking (MOS), applause. Ext. of Plaza de Spain & Plaza National filled w/ people, banners for Franco. Motorcade around large fountain in Barcelona. Franco on podium in LS & CU. Applause. 05:39:56 Franco & wife w/ Eva Peron indoors, outdoors. Costumed folk dancers in front of Don Quixote set & presenting gifts or tributes celebrating Spain & Argentina. 05:43:17 Eva Peron given tour by ?? w/ Mrs. Franco, Carmen Polo. People applaud; walking thru streets. Arrival on 4-motor plane, greeted by Franco & Polo. Kissing hand of priest. Receiving line in palace. Crowds waving in huge square & moving through streets w/ police &/or military. Crowds waving handkerchiefs. Dictators; Hispanic Diplomacy; Ceremonies;

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