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1955 - Color, Educational Film: Spain, People of Spain

Reel Number: 221173-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1955

Country: Spain

Location: Barcelona,Basque Region,Madrid,palos,Toledo

TC Begins: 22:00:08

TC Ends: 22:16:14

Duration: 00:16:06

Titles. Map of Mediterranean countries, zoom in on Spain. CUs various Spanish men & women on farms & in city. Historical map of migration to Spain from North, South & East by Iberians, Celts, Phoenicians & Greeks; spread of Roman Empire to Spain. 22:02:00 Roman stone walls, arches, aqueducts. Map: waves of invading Vandals & Goths, & Moorish invasion. VS Alhambra fortress in Granada, Moorish architecture - fountains. CU map of Spain showing Moorish retreat. VS castles of Spanish nobles & cathedrals. Monastery where Columbus planned first voyage. LS Columbus monument on shore at Palos ?. Map showing Spanish Empire in New World & its decline. 22:04:57 Rural Spanish scenes, hay cart. Basque region village & people eating outdoors; couple perform traditional costumed Basque dance - original settlers. Southern Spain: Flamenco singers & dancers in costume - Moorish influence. Craftsmen outdoors making boxes of Moorish design; Moorish town architecture of courtyards, patios, fountains & balconies etc. EXT Cathedral of Toledo showing medieval influence - Gothic arched bridge - craftsmen tempering swords; man demonstrates finished sword. 22:07:22 Bullfighting scenes in Roman amphitheater - matador, red blanket, bull stuck w/ spears, bleeding etc. Fiesta bullfight where men of town demonstrate bravery in arena against bull w/ rubber over horns. 22:08:14 Farming scenes in rural Spain. Map showing terrain of dry central/southern regions, barren landscape, sheep & goats grazing. Olive groves “supply over one third of the world’s olive oil” - women sorting olives. Farmer plowing vineyard; Spanish sherry barrels loaded onto cart. 22:09:28 Citrus groves - oranges packed. Wheat & barley harvested by hand & by combine harvester; donkeys carrying grain. Farmers cooperating on grain threshing & separating wheat from chaff. 22:10:55 Map showing northern Spain - Pyrenees region. Ancient villages, Roman architecture. Women digging potatoes in Galicia region; stone silo on stilts to protect corn from damp conditions. Woman farmer plowing w/ yoke of oxen. Hydroelectric power - waterfall & dam. Coal mining - coal in buckets along high pulley system through valley. Steel mill - blast furnace. Textile mill weaving factory - CUs spinning wool & cotton. 22:12:57 View across square in Barcelona; seaport w/ various cargo ships. Map showing Madrid in central Spain; HA view traffic thru Madrid - hotels & universities - statue of Don Quixote & Sancho Panza - ornamental gardens & fountains. Montage of scenes closes film to show diversity of influences on Spanish people & country: Roman ruins, Moorish palace, medieval castle & cathedral - Basque craftsman - flamenco dancers - matador - old woman farming - modern city streets. Travelogues; Tourism; Western Europe; Agriculture; Industry & Commerce; Educational Film; History; 1955; 1950s; Geography; NOTE: Any continuous one minute sold at per reel price.

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