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Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal)

Reel Number: 221292-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1948

Country: Portugal,Spain

Location: Barcelona,Lisbon,Madrid

TC Begins: 05:01:11

TC Ends: 05:11:10

Duration: 00:09:59

Iberian Peninsula - Spain & Portugal Encyclopaedia Britannica Globe turning & zoom in to map locating countries & showing geography. Illustration of number of people in each; rural & urban. Cities located. 05:02:55 Lisbon seen from water w/ freighters anchored; docks & ships. 05:03:09 Madrid city center w/ traffic, pedestrians & buildings. 05:03:26 Rural w/ ox cart & farmers walking along road. Maps. Pan over desert-like countryside w/ sheep grazing on hillside. Farmer plowing behind two oxen 05:04:19 Men gathering barley, cutting w/ cycle; threshing by hand w/ animals pulling drags over stocks. Gathering cork, stripping & carrying. Olive groves on hillside; men shaking branches, women gathering & men carrying baskets to presses; conveyor to mill & crushing to pulp. Presses squeezing out oil. 06:06:14 Wine casks & drawing & looking at color & taste. Map w/ rainfall in Galicia. Corn fields. Map. 05:07:01 Two boys at well w/ burro turning pump w/ cans on wheel tumbling it into trough & ditch. Man w/ large hoe moving for sugar beets. Orange grove & picking. 05:07:56 Large elaborate garden w/ fountains & statues. 05:08:06 Fish market on dock; boats going past; unloading crates of fish. Men & women washing tile in factory; hand decoration of tiles & pottery jugs. Moorish pattern. Alhambra architecture. Map of coal & iron locations as well as copper, lead & mercury. Iron ore into ship in Bilbao, much dust. Iron & steel mill w/ furnace. 05:09:53 River in gorge; high dam near Barcelona w/ generators & transmission lines. Large textile mill w/ looms working. Pan over poor land; farmers w/ carts on road. The End. Regional Geography; Orchards; 1940s; Post-WWII;

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