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WWII - 1942, Spain: Madrid & Barcelona, Soup Kitchens & Maternity Ward

Reel Number: 220853-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1942,1940s

Country: Spain

Location: Barcelona,Madrid

TC Begins: 16:00:08

TC Ends: 16:13:34

Duration: 00:13:26

WWII - 1942, Spain: Madrid & Barcelona, Soup Kitchens & Maternity Ward Madrid. Women with babies queue up & enter Communal Kitchen for poor past Falangist government symbol; receive tickets 16:01:23 Women eating soup in dining room, many w/ babies. CU of baby. Attendants in nurses / nuns uniforms supervise. 16:03:38 Woman along cobblestone sidewalk, rings doorbell beside sign: Maternidad de Auxilio Social, Casa de la Madre No.1; ushered into courtyard & up steps, greeted by doctor & nurses; into maternity ward by nurse. Inside maternity ward w/ nurses giving babies to mothers. Woman in bed with twins. MCUs. 16:05:37 Catholic priest giving baptism / christening w/ altar & candles beside. MCUs & CUs. 16:07:38 Black. 16:07:46 Two women carry milk pails from doorway w/ sign above: “Auxilio Social”; pan w/ them walking thru ruined section of Madrid & enter house. Soup served to old woman. CU woman eating; hands breaking bread. 16:09:41 Tibido, Barcelona suburb, kitchen for orphans. CU Very old woman in line being given tin bucket of soup & leaving; MLS Serving kitchen & woman serving, filling pots & buckets w/ soup to waiting line. View from kitchen of waiting people & waitresses. 16:10:41 LS waitresses guide orphan children to tables. 16:11:29 MLS Kids in dining room standing, pan children saying prayer / grace before meal. Serving & eating. 16:12:57 Exteior of food distribution center for orphans & workers of Barcelona port; queuing up for food; MCU given bread. 16:13:23 Sign: Sindicato Local de Transportes Maritimos - Comedor No. 2. 1940s; Social Services; Post Spanish Civil War; Dictators; Religion; Laborers; Catholic Religion;

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