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WWII - 1942, Spain: Military Review & Falange Festival - Columbus Monuments & Scenic Tour

Reel Number: 221054-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1942,1940s

Country: Spain

Location: almeria,Barcelona,cordova,granada,huelva,Madrid,Seville

TC Begins: 06:10:56

TC Ends: 06:21:27

Duration: 00:10:31

Post Spanish Civil War, 1942, Spain: Military Review & Falange Festival - Columbus Monuments & Scenic Tour Madrid: MCU side-profile General Franco w/ Commander Andres Saliquet & Gen. Enrique Varela, Minister of War. MCU Franco & Varela. Front view of Franco et al on podium at the Official Tribunal; troops pass in review; Moorish Guard wearing white turbans & capes. VS troops marching past camera inc. cadets of the Infantry & Naval Schools of San Fernando w/ flags. Franco in open-top limo w/ Moorish Guard on horseback. CU & MS Madame Franco watching parade. 06:13:15 Phalange Festival at Madrid Stadium: people marching into packed stadium w/ flags; front shot crowds - some attempt Mexican wave? Three flags of New Spain flying from flagposts - flag of Falange Fascist ruling party, national banner & flag of the Roquestes ?. HA shots crowds of Spanish children in stadium - carrying drums & flags - youth festival. 06:15:11 Barcelona: LS Place de la Catalange - traffic past - advertising neon signs on buildings. Panorama of city from gardens in hills above. Place Christopher Columbus w/ pan up to statue on column - trolley car / tram past. 06:17:03 Huelva: MS & CU ‘Santa Maria’ anchored by riverbank - ship in which Columbus sailed to America. Large modernist monument to Columbus by philanthropist & designer Gertrude Whitney & erected in 1929, supervised by Florence J. McAuliffe. 06:17:38 Seville: INT raised tomb of Columbus w/ statues; CU base of wooden sarcophagus w/ carved inscription ‘Christohal Colon’. EXT Andalucia Palace. VS Minaret Giralda. CU Minaret tower w/ bronze statue. Golden Tower, guard passes in FG. MCUs Giralda tower - 16th Century & Moorish architecture. 06:18:54 Cordova: INT cathedral built by Charles V from remains of a mosque - shadowy archways brief. 06:19:01 Granada: INT Cathedral - tombs of Queen Isabella & Ferdinand IV - sarcophagi behind railings; CU carved marble figure of Queen Isabella reclining on top part of mausoleum; MS mausoleum w/ candle burning. EXT old street scene - mules carrying water up hill. LS the Alhambra - Moorish citadel, snow-capped mountains in BG; Alhambra seen from orange grove. INT Alhambra courtyard - archways - Arab architecture reflected in pool - play of light on mosaic tiles etc. Courtyard of the Lions w/ CU fountain. 06:21:01 Almeria: AV Arab houses & cave dwellings seen from ramparts of Alcazar fortress. LS Arab ramparts of Alcazar built on Roman foundations. LS beach of Almeria; town w/ Alcazar in BG. Good. Dictators; Architecture; Travelogues; Women Artists; 1940s; Daily LIfe; Street Scenes; Post Spanish Civil War; Royalty; Religion;

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