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WWII - 1944 - US AAF Color Home Movies, Europe

Reel Number: 300395

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France,Italy,Morocco,USA

Location: Casablanca,New York City,NYC,Rome

TC Begins: 01:00:00

TC Ends: 01:10:44

Duration: 00:10:44

16mm Kodachrome colour footage with intertitles showing the training and departure of one of the 82nd US Airborne Division's Pathfinder teams and its departure late on 5th June 1944 for Normandy from an airfield in Lincolnshire along with unrelated scenes of Casablanca, Rome and Manhatten later that year. 01:00:05 Ground-level view of a stick of paratroopers jumping from a C47 Skytrain transport aircraft and descending to DZ at North Witham training area. 01:00:25 Views filmed 24-48 hours before D-Day showing C47 Skytrains with black and white invasion stripes, including the lead plane No. 293098, parked and taxiing. The crew of lead aircraft, Lt-Colonel Joel Crouch, Captain Vita Pedone, Captain William Culp, and two crew chiefs, beside C47 and boarding the aircraft. Major J.L. Sweetman (donor of film) beside C47 and boarding aircraft. MS C47 taxiing to left. 01:01:58 The control tower at North Witham: Lt-Col Crouch with two officer members of the 508th Parachute Regiment's Pathfinder team: Pathfinder members emerging from bushes in jump gear and weaing facial camouflage cream: Pathfinders lined up to board C47 as Lt-Col Crouch rides a British Welbike scooter through scene: C47 crews posing for pictures shortly before departure (underexposed): C47 from at dusk.. 01:03:19 Scenes of Casablanca, including sidewalk entertainers, and government buildings. Scenes of Rome, including St Angelo Bridge and castle, and St Peters Cathederal. Sign proclaiming neutral territory of the Vatican state (in Italian and English). Unidentified officers posing for photographs and clowning in Rome. Activity in tent city at Maragliana, Italy (underexposed). Scenes of Rome, including ruins of the Forum, the Pantheon, Fountain of Tievi, Colosseum, ancient gate, Palazzo Venezia, Victor Emanuel monunent and grave of Keats (the English poet). Personnel gathered for outdoor briefing (underexposed). 397' Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline as seen from New York harbor.

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