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1941 - WWII Stories, England Defense Training; Diamond Cutters; Economic Treaty Signing; Rifle Manufacturing.

Reel Number: H1915-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: England,United Kingdom,USA

Location: DC,London,Massachusetts,New York City,NYC Worcester,Washington

TC Begins: 07:09:41

TC Ends: 07:12:36

Duration: 00:02:55

Title. 07:09:46 Railroad pulling flatcars w/ large artillery / railroad guns w/ men riding at attention along side guns, others watching. Men run to guns & operate, load & fire w/ smoke out. 07:10:11 Army running w/ light boats & cross canal. Metal beam extended & men cross as though pontoon bridge; tank crossing pontoon bridge placed in front beam w/ soldiers crossing. Track vehicle troop carriers through muddy field. 07:10:45 Title: London, Eng. 07:10:47 Long line of men at benches examining diamonds, appraising. (Refugee diamond cutters from Holland & Belgium). 07:10:50 CU & MSs man w/ loupe looking at diamond held with pliers; others. Diamond in lathe. Cutters working & inspecting, polishing. GOOD. 07:11:03 Men / buyers inspecting completed, finished diamonds. 07:11:11 Title: Washington, D.C. 07:11:13 Secretary of Treasury Morgenthau & Ambassador Felipe Espil of Argentina at desk signing $50,000,000 economic trade treaty / pact to stabilize Argentina’s economy as a hemisphere defense measure. Two others watching, one also signs. CU document. Handshaking. 07:11:39 Dock w/ liner moored. 07:11:41 Fork-lift operator lifting pallets w/ cases of wine . Business men inspecting. CU Produce of Argentine, Imported by Robinson-Lloyds Ldt, New York, NY, Extra Dry 12 Bottles. 07:11:51 Title: Worcester, Mass. 07:11:53 Factory interior, man pulling cart w/ rifle parts to woman; workers at lathe & other belt driven equipment. Rifle stocks being turned, worked. Men inspecting, polishing & assembling parts & weighing. 07:12:31 Soldier laying on boards on ground test firing repeating / sub-machine gun rifle. Pre-WW2 USA Homefront; WWII England Homefront; 1941; Jan41; Refugees; Manufacturing; Industry;

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