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From Congress to Congress R4 of 5

Reel Number: 221407-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950s,1971

Country: Russia,USSR,Uzbekistan

Location: divnogorsk,navoiy,omsk,Siberia

TC Begins: 12:32:11

TC Ends: 12:42:09

Duration: 00:09:58

From Congress to Congress R4 of 5 Interior of synthetic textile factories w/ industrial looms - workers w/ thread bobbins. Display of products made from synthetic materials - clothes, shoes, kitchenware etc. Omsk Petro-Chemical plant. 12:33:20 Laying of gas pipelines thru remote parts of USSR, using helicopter. Diver into freezing water as pipe lowered into hole in ice; pipeline in desert. Helicopter & aerial view over western Siberia oil deposits. Geologist Salmanov in helicopter flying over oilfields; flashback to explosions set by seismic surveying party confirming presence of oil; celebrations as oil gushes from well. VO says entire Soviet industry helping Siberia “in its struggle with nature” to exploit resources for projects inc. Magnetogorsk steelworks & Dnieper Dam. Large equipment moved thru mud by tracked vehicles. Transport plane landing; pipe unloaded. 12:36:26 Drilling for oil in barren taiga region; working in freezing blizzard w/ strong wind. Man at radio, oil well burning - firefighting w/ huge foam cannon; oil well sealed & fire extinguished. Man puts hand in oil. 12:38:13 Men walk on logs over standing water; spring floods & mining community under water. Man poling raft. River tankers & barges transporting oil; newly built tanker launched. Opening of railway thru Siberian taiga & swamps. Map showing route of pipeline thru Siberia. Pipeline wrapping, laying, construction scenes. 12:39:52 New town being built near oil fields - young people living in tents Comsomol - building apartment blocks. 12:41:23 Aerials from above of helicopter flying over Siberian forest. New towns inc. Divnogorsk & Navoiy - street scenes. Mothers w/ children. Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Heavy Industry; Petroleum; Geology; Manufacturing; Communism; Communist Propaganda; Consumer Goods; Weather; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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