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1931 - Newsreels: Bridge Dedication; Nazi Parties; Capone To Jail; Petain At West Point; Oddities; Gar Wood; College Football. Oct31

Reel Number: 300186

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1930s,1931

Country: France,Germany,USA

Location: Bad Harzburg,California,Chicago,Illinois,New York,New York City,NYC,Oakland,West Point

TC Begins: 01:00:01

TC Ends: 01:06:29

Duration: 00:06:28

1931 - Newsreels: Bridge Dedication; Nazi Parties; Capone To Jail; Petain At West Point; Oddities; Gar Wood; College Football. Oct31 Intertitle: Formal Ceremonies Feature Opening Of Giant $60,000,000 Span. 26Oct31. 01:00:03 View of George Washington bridge towers w/ cars moving onto bridge. Aerial over crowd at Manhattan approach to bridge. 01:00:08 Governor Morgan Larson behind WOR & NBC microphones speaking (MOS) w/ Eleanor Roosevelt & other VIPS behind at dedication. Structural engineer Othmar Ammann & Governor Franklin D Roosevelt in formal dress applauding. 01:00:18 Aerial views above 15 biplanes flying over bridge in formation. 01:00:29 Overhead, FDR in midst of policeman as he cuts ribbon for longest suspension bridge. 01:00:35 View from Manhattan of bridge & backed up traffic. Transportation. 01:00:40 Intertitle: Nationalist Parties Unite In Huge Rally Under Hitler Banner. Bad Harzborg, Germany. 01:00:45 21Oct31 Pan across mass of German soldiers. 01:00:52 Adolf Hitler walking along crowd-lined street others follow. MCU Nazi holding small boy in Nazi uniform. MCU Hitler leading Goebbels & others past military officers w/ banners; MCUs. 01:01:15 Nazi brown shirts marching; MCU politician Alfred Hugenberg & military talking, laughing. Nazis marching, saluting, past Hitler w/ Goering in front wearing many medals. MCU Hitler. Marching Nazis. Celebrities; Celebrity; Leaders; Fascism; 01:01:39 Intertitle: Al Capone Receives 11-Year Jolt! Notorious gangster sentenced to Leavenworth for tax evasion. 01:01:46 Crowds on sidewalk, taxi arrives, Al Capone out, photographer’s flash as he runs past & into courthouse. Crowd follows. 01:02:00 Man w/ star on lapel leads Capone & others out, crowds follow. CU getting into taxi. 01:02:15 Man at desk holding newspaper headline: Al Capone Gets 11 Years. MCU. LS of jail. CU bars. IRS; Internal Revenue Service; Crime; Criminals; Gangster; Bootlegger; Italian-American; Smuggler; 01:02:29 Intertitle: Military Academy Review Honors Marshal Petain! Pershing Plays Host...Visitor. 01:02:36 LS General Pershing & Petain lead VIPs onto field; reviewing cadets marching in dress uniforms. MCU Petain & Pershing wearing medals, cadet honor guard behind; saluting passing West Point cadets. Army Diplomacy; 01:02:59 Intertitle: Dish-washing Beauties Vie In Domestic Contest! Title goes to Evelyn Lee - 10 dishes in 39 secs. Women lined up at table w/ washtubs & dishes; CU judge drops flag, men watch from behind. Women run forward, put plates in tubs, wash & stack, then dry. Splashed soap suds, on face CUs. Woman dropping plates, CU breaking. Men run forward & lift winner, MCU. Competition; Depression; Gags; Sexist; Gender; 01:03:43 Intertitle: Gar Wood Fails In Try At Kaye Don’s Speedboat Record. (Water Speed Record Attempt) 01:03:50 Inboard boat along NYC’s Harlem River lined w/ spectators & cars, under concrete arch bridge, pan following racing boat under another concrete arch bridge. MS panning w/ boat. Opposite run (l. to r.) w/ pan. MS bright flames from exhaust of boat starting run; MCU pan w/ U-19 Miss America IX. Boat shuts down. 01:04:45 Intertitle: Yale’s 88-Yard Run Ties Cadets, 6-6, In Thrilling Grid Tilt. 01:04:50 American college football kick-off on sunny day w/ crowd filling stadium. 01:05:34 Half-time w/ two cadets riding Army mule mascot. Tackles, passes by Stecker, cheering. Long run by Brad Parker from Joblansky’s kick-off for Yale touchdown. College Amateur Sports. NOTE: Very good quality.

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