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Jazz Age, The Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: 250002-36

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1955,1920s

Country: France,USA

Location: Chicago,Illinois,New York City,NYC,Paris

TC Begins: 03:47:08

TC Ends: 04:01:18

Duration: 00:14:10

Pt. 2 of 2 Continued... Flappers in cloche hats reading & powdering faces; chewing gum, smoking. Two cross street, to movie poster; others walking in fur coats & into barbershop to get bobbed hair hair cut. GOOD. 03:48:13 Convertible cars parked on street; guys / youths drink from bottle, couple kissing; group waving & driving expensive car. Girls in college room, two put on perfume & leave another to study. Party & couples dance the Charleston as guy plays piano; couple kiss in doorway. Saxophone player & dancing, drinking, dice & gambling. Ukulele. CU 78 rpm record player / phonograph, CU Victor disc rotating, dissolves to... 03:49:52 Composer George Gershwin playing piano in front of band. Paul Whiteman conducts orchestra, plays violin. Black jazz band & musicians. 03:50:17 White society couples dancing Charleston etc. & waltzing to small group of musicians w/ megaphones. More Charleston & Lindy jitterbugging. Stock market effect. 03:51:06 Ocean, dissolve to three-masted ship & men in hold taking bootleg liquor ashore in small boats. Cans of alcohol into bottles. CU knock on door; eyes; money passed thru hole in door for bottle. Baby crib w/ blanket pulled back to reveal bottles. Man at door & into speak-easy. Bartenders & people drinking, tunes radio in long shot. 03:52:56 Nightclub / dance hall, waiters & society drinkers, CUs money, bottles, mixing drinks, glasses. 03:53:22 Men making illicit liquor; booze factory / still. Barrels rolled down, stacked; truck loaded w/ cartons. Convoy thru night. Staged crashing of trucks / hijacking; bombing of shops; shooting cans of liquor; beating men; CUs shooting pistols. Police & gangsters in gang warfare. 03:54:51 Police & mobsters out of courthouses, into cars w/ police; paddy wagons & arrests. 03:55:19 Al Capone into & out of courthouse. 03:55:47 Chicago's Mayor Big Bill Thompson, poses. 03:55:58 Arrival of Prince of Wales; w/ cheering crowds. 03:56:24 Queen Marie of Romania arriving on 3-stack SS Leviathan, staged kids band greeted ship, Queen & entourage off; CU. Tourists embarking on ocean liners, waving goodbyes; ship’s bridge; past skyscrapers of Manhattan. Shipboard, games, deck chairs, bar, buffet, cooks & drinking in kitchen, ship’s formal dining room, waiters, drinking a toast, lounging & smoking. Bow thru waves. Stock market effect. 03:59:12 Docked liner & people out of ship terminal; French station & steam train, POV. Couple in coach. 04:00:13 Paris street vendors: maps, postcards; luggage, taxis, Paris street scenes & traffic, POV. 04:01:04 Ritz hotel exteriors. 1920s; Americana; Daily Life; Politics; Diplomacy; Post-WW1; Diplomats; Jazz Age; Economics; Pre-Depression; Recreation; Fashions; NOTE: Any continuous ten minutes sold at per reel rate. Sound quality not usable. Speed of footage NOT corrected. USER responsible for clearing all music.

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