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Lincoln Hospital

Reel Number: 221525-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1969

Country: USA

Location: New York City,NYC,South Bronx

TC Begins: 20:36:19

TC Ends: 20:45:58

Duration: 00:09:39

Lincoln Hospital The Newsreel - Radical documentary Showing deprivation of poor people in South Bronx & lack of medical treatment. Titles of statistics intercut w/ Black & Puerto Rican people past storefront window in South Bronx, intercut with statistics comparing area to neighboring affluent Westchester county. 20:37:06 Tilt up building of New York City public offices. 20:37:12 Ext. Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Narration re Affiliation Plan, where private medical schools took over management of hospitals. Ext w/ graffiti “Off the pig”. People standing & entering at entrance. Two medical students in hospital courtyard w/ Einstein bust. 20:38:04 Aerial shots South Bronx rooftops, laundry hanging. Exterior community walk-in clinic set up by Albert Einstein medical school w/ sign in Spanish & interior. Meeting around table. Black & Latin paraprofessionals meeting. VO doctors say program was total failure. Doctors past camera. 20:39:36 Title: The Newsreel. 20:39:38 Policemen by police trucks outside hospital, small demonstration w/ pickets & placards after workers took control of Lincoln Mental Health Services. Sign “ Mental health Services.” Demonstration & handing out strike leaflets inside hospital. Community program workers on phone, CU dialing & listening. They talk of their frustration. Children in waiting room. 20:41:27 South Bronx street w/ shops & traffic at night. Daytime: “Neighborhood Service Center” (sign). Small group walk in street w/ Black reporter. 20:42:11 Community workers at desks talking to clients, VO exasperated woman. Inside Black family’s home, poverty, VO re frustration of job on Albert Einstein program, lack of facilities. Demonstration, police watching. Confrontation between community members and administrators: “Is this a Community Mental Health Plan or a Yeshiva Mental Health Plan?” “We’re the ball you’re playing with!” “We don’t want more bad health care! We’re talking about a different definition of medicine.” Abrupt ending. 1960s Ghetto; Racism; Anti-Capitalism; Community Organizing; Ethnic;

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