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1937 - Conferences: Mediterranean Conference, Nyon, Switzerland ca 10-14Sep37

Reel Number: 221658-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1937,1930s

Country: England,France,Switzerland,United Kingdom

Location: NYON

TC Begins: 00:46:35

TC Ends: 00:54:15

Duration: 00:07:40

Mediterranean Conference, Nyon, Switzerland ca 10-14Sep37 Ext. delegates outside large hall, cars arriving & delegates out including Anthony Eden. MCU delegates posing. 00:47:30 Int. of large hall, delegates seated at E-shape table w/ papers. Aids seated behind. Yvon Delbos speaking (MOS). 00:49:47 Groups of delegates up steps towards camera, Lake Geneva behind; including Anthony Eden w/ French Foreign Minister Yvon Delbos. 00:50:32 Groups of delegates outside meeting room talking; photographers. 00:51:10 Men eating in dining room, waiters & waitresses. Eden talking w/ ??. Other delegates. Delbos & ?. 00:52:09 Ext. unid. delegate smoking cigar, posing. Walking on hotel rooftop. Delegate posing for photographers. LS of hotel, cars. 00:52:45 Int. of delegates dining. 00:52:54 Ext. of hotel w/ Swiss flag flying. Delegates leaving; cars, limousines. 00:53:50 LS across rooftops to Lake Geneva. Large castle-like building w/ Swiss flag flying. 1937 International Conference; Pre-WWII; 1930s Pre-WW2; NOTE: discussed among other things, piracy relating to Spanish Civil War.

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