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WWII - 1945, Newsreel: Security Conference Planning; Military Aviation; Fighting; Graves; Labor Camp Freed; Heidelberg University Destruction. ca Apr45

Reel Number: 221802-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: England,Germany,United Kingdom,USA,USSR

Location: DC,Heidelberg,Ohio,Washington,Wright Field

TC Begins: 18:31:01

TC Ends: 18:38:26

Duration: 00:07:25

WWII - 1945, Newsreel: Security Conference Planning; Military Aviation; Fighting; Graves; Labor Camp Freed; Heidelberg, Germany University Destruction. ca Apr45 Intertitle: Molotov Here For Security Conference. Crowd watches from across street as Molotov, Stettinius & others walk from car to Blair House; Molotov waves hat, crowd waves back. CUs. 18:31:24 At table w/ Stettinius & Anthony Eden. MSs. 18:31:42 Intertitle: Aviation In The News. Two men besides huge aircraft tire being tested at Wright Field, Ohio. Men at console looking at printout. Wheel duplicating landing; CU hand feeling melted rubber on tire torn loose. Crane moving suspended tire, not mounted on rim. USAAF officer holds tire of cub aircraft for comparison; B-17 tire alongside. 18:32:42 Boeing Seattle Plant. 30,000 war workers watch roll out of final B-17; parked B-29 Superfortresses. CU workers & B-17 w/ stickers of previous bombing missions. 18:33:09 Intertitle: In The Wake of War In Germany. Heavily burning large buildings; soldiers running thru streets in door to door fighting, tanks passing dead on sidewalk & horses in street. MS soldier walking pass dead German soldiers; surrender flags on buildings. CU German woman; MS Captured soldiers; hands on head. 18:33:59 - 18:34:03 slug. Young captured German soldiers. 18:34:06 - 18:34:10 Slug. Soldier walking past German civilian old men & women in street. 18:34:17 Children & others around US soldier talking on walkie-talkie. German Mayor talks to crowd of civilians. 18:34:24 Street w/ destroyed building; Germans looting stores & freight & passenger cars for food & clothes. Carry bundles & pull carts w/ looted goods w/ US MPs guarding. Train of scrap metal. Women gather hats from beside train. 18:35:09 Pan large 30,000 graves of Russians buried by Germans. 18:35:22 Women in forced labor camp show number tattoos & bandages to soldier. MS crosses on back of women’s jackets. Freed prisoners running forward, soldiers give out cigarettes. British soldiers take Gestapo agent in civilian clothes to jail; freed marching, waving. 18:36:26 France. CUs faces of people waiting for freed to return. Train into station; people off train, hugs, crying, kisses. 18:37:00 Heidelberg large destroyed University buildings, soldiers thru. American built pre-war building & plaque of donors names removed by Nazis. Sentry looking over Rhine & destroyed bridges. US troops flag raising ceremony w/ General Bradley shaking hands & posing w/ other officers including Patton. LS of assembled soldiers. WW2; Ceremonies; Slave Laborers; Peace Conference Planning; Atrocities; Horrors of War; Damage; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. Good.

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