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1948 - Germany Rebuilding; Jet Helicopter; Highway Construction; Middle East Negotiations; Berlin Blockade

Reel Number: 250005-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1948

Country: Occupied GERMANY,Palestine


TC Begins: 09:59:10

TC Ends: 10:08:23

Duration: 00:09:13

1948 - Germany Rebuilding; Jet Helicopter; Highway Construction; Middle East Negotiations; Berlin Blockade Title: Nachrichten aus Deutschland. CUs posters in German w/ date 12Nov48 on it. 09:59:24 Montage (East Germany ?): tugs & other small boats docked along river; cranes not working. Empty streets. Movie theater w/ large poster, few people on sidewalk. Large closed street car / tram garages; parked garaged street cars. Mines & steel mills not working. 09:59:50 People walking w/ banners; assembled in large group, crowds watching man at podium. 10:00:11 Pan over several lines of freight cars parked in railyard. CU sign re Marshall Plan. People at station platform w/ sign Furth i Wald & Marshall Plan sign. Well dressed man at podium, people listen & applaud. Steam engines pulling Marshall Plan trains out of station. 10:00:57 Title: Bilder aus aller Welt. Small one-man helicopter w/ two small jet motors on end of rotors pushed out alongside large military helicopters. Engines started & helicopter lifts off in test demonstration, circles as men watch. 10:01:44 Title: Welt Im Film - Nach 585,000 Arbeitsstunden: mangfall: Brucke Wieder Eroffnet. 10:01:54 Large concrete support under construction. Man working on high steel beams for bridge over canyon. Steel moved into place from various angles. 10:02:37 Catholic Cardinal ?? w/ other church & civilian VIPs at dedication, blesses bridge. Mercedes car breaks ribbon to open. Views of valley & bridge. 10:03:05 Title: Aktuelles In Kurze. Men posing including Count Folke Bernadotte & Ralph Bunche w/ ?? on balcony. Light cigarettes. Swish pan to.. Include David HaCohen in light suit off plane. 10:03:30 Small United Nations twin-engine plane on desert runway; ?? off plane & greeted; include David HaCohen in light suit off plane; two Arabs. 10:03:44 Ralph Bunche & ?? up steps to ?? w/ Arabs & others. On balcony w/ Arabs, Bernadotte & Arabs. 10:03:53 Large crowd greeting Lord Mountbatten & wife in India. Walking w/ Nehru behind. Thru streets in open carriage w/ crowds & mounted military troops alongside. Boarding large plane & people waving goodbye. 10:04:38 Title: Berlin over crowd. Man pulling large switches cutting off electricity, lights out. CU pulling electrical breaker switches leaving workers in dark. Various shots of stopped machinery. Large power plant w/ portion being rebuilt. People walking in dark, into cafe; CU handwritten sign of hours open. People to shops, office sign. People in doctor’s office. 10:05:59 Crowd in street, people trying to get on trams. Long lines. People looking at Anthony Eden in window, people below applaud. Eden leaves w/ British soldiers past applauding crowd & in car past waving crowd. 10:06:54 Crane loading / unloading coal from railroad cars. Men putting bagged coat in army trucks, backed to plane & loaded aboard. Planes taking off, en route, landing & unloading bags into trucks. Runways constructed w/ heavy equipment by US army. Planes overhead. 10:08:21 The End. Middle East Negotiations; Experimental Military Aviation; Post-WW2 Rebuilding; Construction; Israel Independence; Cold War; 1948 Elections; Berlin Blockade; NOTE: 10:04:38 - 10:08:23 may be slightly better quality on 250003 05:05:34 - 05:09:19.

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